• © Marcel Lafontaine april 1989, Kawasaki, Japan

© Marcel Lafontaine april 1989, Kawasaki, Japan

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The legend of the big phallus in Japan

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6 December 2011

It is sure that every country has its original ideas on life and culture. But, sometimes, they can see things which for some can be really shocky.

For instance, the huge penis made in iron that can be seen in Kawasaki, every April, for the demonstration of shintoïste origin called "Kanamara Matsuri". The symbol of this demonstration is to preserve their fecundity. 

Japan is well known for their fertility worship. For them, it is really important.

The legende of huge penis tells that a demon with tough teeth would have nested in the vagina of a girl and castrated the men during the act. To break the teeth of the demon, they have

create an iron phallus.

And here it is, the huge phallus can be seen on streets, too! And, for some, it may be a dream, also!