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The Highlights from Vroom Summit Monaco 2019

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7 October 2019

This year's edition of Vroom Summit Monaco didn't deceive at all. Moreover, we can only grab inspirarion from it ..and some investments, for the lucky ones, if any! From new ideas, technologies, novelties in the field of electric vehicles, solar car, viral world, the business market never stops. Vroom points out to the core of every business: the stir of spread ideas that need to grow. Who will be part of the game? It's each one of them to see!

New business ideas on well-known land

The business elements, this, year, focused very much on the already implemented ideas like real estate, boating, school management, art and fashion. The realm is not out of the ordinary, still the ideas that come from each company shows the necessity to move on to higher levels of growth. And this can happen only when finance meets the dreams! 

When dreams meet finance

This is the type of event that not only brings out the best in business networking but in everyone's mind and desire to invest or create.

Below, there are the highlights of the event in photos and quotes. 

By Andra Oprea