• Photo by Stephane Feugere 

  • Photo by Stephane Feugere 

  • Photo by Stephane Feugere 


Photo by Stephane Feugere 

The Harmonist Launches in Cannes


The Harmonist, a new "maison de parfum" coming from Paris stopped at the Mediterranean shores to open its boutique. Right in time for Festival de Cannes! And with a splash of celebrities, too!

It is a new brand created from a private investment that puts together 10 scents imagined by Guillaume Flavigny who was the mind behind Comme des Garcons' Black. 

"The fragrance is based on feng shui and inspired by the five elements - water, wood, fire, earth and metal, both yin and yang - which influence energy. You could really call it a good-luck perfume," said chief operating officer, Virginie Amourelle. 

Each parfum has a story and for this launch at Cannes, the esoteric did its work. Mostly for the celebrities who came at the event: Kate Hudson, Orlando Bloom, Karolina Kurkova, Ivana Trump, Heidi Klum, to mention a few. 

"We are not just selling a product, but an experience," said Virginie Amourelle.

The fragrance ranges from 170 up to 305 dollars in price and it can be found in Paris at the brand's boutique and in Los Angeles.