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The Group Leboncoin announces the Aquisition of Videdressing

fashion & styletrends

23 November 2018

Union of the marketplace specialized in second-hand fashion and the leader of the classified ad to 28 million monthly unique visitors

Founded in 2009, Videdressing is the first collaborative platform dedicated to the purchase and resale of second-hand fashion and luxury goods (bags and leather goods, clothing, footwear and accessories) created in France.

With 1 million online ads, 25,000 transactions each month and 3 million monthly unique visitors, Videdressing achieved sales of around 35 million euros in 2017.

The marketplace acts as a trusted third party and connects sellers and buyers, while offering additional services such as online payment, checking the conformity of items, delivery and guarantee money back, in return for a commission deducted during the transaction.

The clothing, shoes, watches & jewelery, accessories & luggage categories totaled 2.5 million unique monthly visitors (1) and about 18% of the 28 million online advertisements.

As explained by Antoine Jouteau, General Manager of Boncoin: "The acquisition of this recognized brand is part of the growth strategy of the Boncoin Group, which since the end of 2016 integrates specialized sites in its markets as was the case with AgriAffaires, Agribusiness or For Sale For Sale. This allows us to pool our respective strengths, their technical skills to our power of general site. Videdressing has a very advanced expertise on payment and delivery features. Knowledge sharing will allow us to quickly offer our users a better experience on our "fashion" categories, which are among the most popular. The Videdressing brand and its business model will be sustained, backed by our experience as a leader in small ads. "

Jérémy Delorme, President of Videdressing, adds: "We are delighted with this union, which will enable two precursors of the collaborative economy to develop new services for the benefit of consumers. The ambition shared by our two platforms is to streamline transactions between individuals: indeed, leboncoin and Videdressing have been actively engaged since their creation to improve the purchasing power of the French and it is in this dynamic that our reconciliation. "

The Videdressing employees will be joining Boncoin's premises in the coming weeks.

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