The Future of Onboard Technologies at Monaco Yacht Show 2018

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28 September 2018

At the press conference held on Thursday 27 September, in the Videoworks stand (QS98, Darse Sud), Mario Costamagna, IoT-TIM/Olivetti Sales Manager, explained the new frontiers of onboard connection. Visitors were able to learn about all the Internet connection opportunities currently offered by the LTE-A system. On that regard, for the entire duration of the yacht show, Videoworks exhibited a working example of the top of the Peplink range, the EPX, which allows to have up to eighteen LTE-A connections at the same time. Visitors were also shown a roadmap for the next few years, as 5G connection takes on the starring role when living onboard.


In a world where use of onboard audio/video systems and networks has become very important for owners and guests, Videoworks continues to demonstrate its ability to innovate. Intelligent environments are increasingly being viewed as a natural evolution of domotics, and the Italian company has decided to offer visitors an opportunity to experience two systems of great technological and emotional impact at its stand.
In the Emotional Room, visitors can experience how an algorithm on neural network can assess the mood on of an area's occupants and adjust music and lights to that environment. Upon entering a room, users select some music among the proposed genres (pop, rock, Latin or classical) and settle down. An experiential video starts. At the end, the software works to map the sensations they felt and generates an ad hoc Spotify playlist in real time, while adjusting the lines with the detected mood. 


For those who are seeking an immersive listening experience, Videoworks realized a device that diffuses tridimensional sounds in the environment where it is installed, offering customized sound experiences. Closing your eyes, you will feel like standing in the middle of a tropical forest, or sitting in the first row at a symphonic orchestra concert. All of this is possible with the K-Array Vyper KV-52 speakers and the DSP card by Leaff Engineering, pivotal to equalize the sound with stable, repeatable results. Videoworks technicians know exactly how and where to install the passive, ultrathin K-Array Vyper speakers. Each speaker is made of eight 1" transducers, and has a neodymium magnet inside a solid and elegant aluminium chassis. Phase consistency, minimal distortion and listening focalization are the main characteristics of these speakers.