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The future is in the art, the art is in the future

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21 October 2019

When art touches you, you want to know more about the artist behind it. I met Nicoleta Jutka, a Romanian artist based in Germany who talked to me about different aspects of her life as an artist. Let's read more in the lines below! 

The life of an artist always hides something interesting behind the works. What are the origins of this art love affair?

Let's say it is the story of the soul, the desire to creatively translate ideas, ideologies, thoughts, outward inspirations, in various forms, the ability to speak differently by what you intuitively receive from God. The artist, his expression, his art is born with him. All my work is on canvas, on walls, paper, clay, bronze, stones, plaster, fashion, graphics, is my connection, my instinctual expression with the outside world, without being unhappy. The Creation, the expression is like a baby who always smiles at you, it's impossible not to react, not to love it. "The beauty of art represents the promise of happiness." Henri Rousseau says so intensely. 

What do you want to convey through your work?

Somehow I defined it above... With my project "Light penetrates darkness" it began the Löffler Museum, Kosice Slovakia, it continued in the early exhibitions at the Museum of Romanian Peasant Bucharest, Unesco Bucharest, Gallery 99 Cologne, Germany, Paris, London and other countries, a project that will continue with new works next year.  Through the title itself, it reminds us of the Power of light, it is left to the perception of the beholder. However, behind everything there is the antinationalist ideology, the non-existence of pure breeds, the importance of inner light. Technically the paintings and even the objects that belong here are fluorescent, illuminate in the dark. Every project of mine has an idea, ideology, inspiration, a message. 

 Where did you exhibited your works?

I was invited in Kosice(Muzeum Loeffler), Bucharest (Peasant Muzeum, UNESCO), London, Paris, Cologne, Swiss, etc, you can read in my CV on the website:, is also expected in New York, Berlin, London, Madrid, Kosice, Bucharest, Duesseldorf for the coming years and.. I hope Côte d'azur, too.

Why moving to Germany and what has this country brought different from Romania?

Rised in Germany immediately after the Revolution in Romania, in 1990, I defined myself to be Anticomunist, Antinationalist, Pacifist. 

What are the techniques you use in your work?

Being an art teacher, I know a lot of techniques I am using in a wide frame and according to the project I'm working on. Because there is a sensitivity in materials that silent, belong to that project. "Light penetrates Darkness" contains works in oil, acryl, sculptures in Acrystal, bronze. On the other hand the project "The Theft Journey" contains the graphics on manual paper, Art book (found in Japan, India), here I have a small novel, carving in plaster, paper series in Acryl, and larger oil works. In the personal project "La vie en.. Pink " that started in 2009, I experiment on the canvas with Pigments, a plant with a sculpture in plaster, collage on the canvas. I feel here a maximum freedom where I feel good to continually experience. 

Can you tell us more about the F7 project? 

Project F7, whose coordination and concept I belong to, is a project consisting of 7 artists representing contemporary Romanian feminine art (and diaspora) that promotes the forms of feminine artistic expression - representations of the real life, the contrast between the germinative force of love and the aggressiveness of daily stress. Mother, daughter, girlfriend, girlfriend, wife, sister or soul mate, woman is the source of life and sublimism, as a pure expression. Even if Schopenhauer says "the woman was and remains an incomprehensible" ️ allow me please call the participating artists: Nicoleta Jutka (Germany) - Conceptual art, painting, sculpture, installation, video; Irinel Anghel - Performance, music, installation, happening; Anca Irina Lefter - design, painting; Dana Dociu-Photo; Maria Butnaru-Photo; Roxana Stingaciu (France)-painting; Johanna Weigel (Germany)-painting. We started with itinerant exhibitions following Romania-France with the theme "La vie... En Rose "organized in 3 stages:

1. Exhibition 04.-14.07.2019 The Romanian Peasant Museum in Bucharest, where we had a super echo. 

2. Côte d'azur in partnership with the French Romanian Association, Roazur 08.09.2019, as with eventual continuity. 

3. At Bucharest in partnership with UFE French Association of Romania December 2019. Next year I hope to follow  Romania-Germany line.  We, also, enjoy other invitations here on the Côte d'azur.  Love It! 

To return to this project of Soul, made in group, it proposes to dissolve the boundaries between different arts, under the generous aesthetic umbrella of postmodernism, which collects multiple cultural references, creative attitudes, ideas and bold combinations that can lead to hybrid results, which could be framed by a new surrealism. The pink color works as a visual identity element, as a label of Feminity in a world where consumerism dictates this segmentation. 

This is what F7-La vie.. En Pink is about. We invite you to our next exhibitions!

 How do you see the futur of art and yourself within it? 

There is future in art, there is art in the future! Indispensable and which I can't do without. 

In the end, I want to say a special quote froma fantastic conceptual artist Joseph Beuss: "Jede ist ein Künstler" (anyone is an artist) through the self-concept of life itself.