The first Pop-up sale shop on the Riviera

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7 October 2013

The Queen Bee is delighted to bring you the first QB Pop-up sale shop on the Riviera!

Men and women can bring their pre-loved, nearly-new clothes to The Queen Bee to sell at our monthly Pop-up sales.  Now's the time to ‘spring clean' and de-clutter your existing wardrobes  
We intend to hold a sale in a different venue on the first Friday of each month. Locations will be anywhere between Monaco and Nice, ensuring an eclectic choice of clothes at reasonable prices and making the sale accessible to everyone. The first sale will be held on Friday 8th November.

We are looking for designer and fashionable high street brands in perfect condition, that we will endeavour to sell for you in the Pop Up Sale.  Clothes should be dropped off at The Queen Bee at least a week before the sale, and an itemised list of the articles accepted will be then be given to the consignor. 
The Queen Bee can also come to your home and help you with your wardrobe management, by dividing your clothes into the pieces that you would like to keep and helping you decide which pre-loved clothes can be put into the Pop Up Sale. 

Please find the terms and conditions below. 

Anyone can drop off clothes and accessories that personally belong to them.
ALL consignments must be either a designer label, or a fashionable high street brand. The idea is to be able to mix together high end and high street clothes and accessories.
We take items seasonally that are clean, ironed and in perfect condition. 

We aim to sell the consignments at approximately 50% of the retail price, and split the proceeds with our consignors 50-50 once the item sells.  We price each item we accept based on our many years of experience in the industry. An itemised list of all items we have accepted will be sent to the consignor in 3 to 5 business days by email.
We cannot guarantee that we will accept all items that are brought for the Pop-up sale - We make choices based on our knowledge of shopper preferences and our existing inventory.
The Queen Bee will put market the articles left to them for the one day Pop-up sale date.  There is a possibility of renewing the contract for the items that have not been sold and leaving them for a three month period, to be carried over for the next Pop-up sale.

The merchandise belongs to the consignor until is sold and can be returned at any time with 24 hours notice. It is the consignor's responsibility to collect all of the unsold articles, after a maximum delay of one week following the Pop Up Sale date, unless notified otherwise.
All items that are not sold at the end of the Pop-up sale and are not picked up by the consignor in the designated time will be donated to charity.
The Queen Bee cannot be held responsible for any damage that may happen to the consignments during the trying on of clothes, but every effort will be made to avoid this.
Consignors will be paid in full at the end of each Pop Up Sale for the items sold.