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The fashion trends from Louis Vuitton Spring 2014

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3 October 2013

In a black navy ambiance, Marc Jacobs pulled the curtains for a show that goes perfectly with the designer personality. It is fun, sensuality - it is the time for the showgirl to come out. It is Paris, it is the idea of powerful women filled with sensuality, it is Moulin Rouge, it is the cabaret.

The last Marc Jacobs collection for Louis Vuitton was not meant to be an ending collection. It drew its inspiration from icons like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Liza Minelli. He loves the courage and the freedom of the woman to do what she feels and what she wants. And this is what this collection shows.

Feathers on the heads reminding us of Cher and goddesses, the glamour through the sheer tulle, the tuxedo trousers with feathers on the side, mink dresses with jewelry inserts, also jeans and motorbike jacket - what a combination! Chic casual and luxury all in one!

The fashion show was meant, in fact, to reveal, as Marc Jacobs stated "The showgirl in all of us". Now, it is time for the fashion designer to put his creativity into the IPO brand.

All the photos by Giovanni Giannoni - Louis Vuitton Spring 2014 Paris Fashion Week 

Editor Andra Oprea