The entirely bio buche of the baker de Monge



For your feasts of end of the year, the baker de Monge played the card of pleasure and simplicity with a buche bio in apples. A true pleasure around a healthy and light fruit which will know how to give of the fraicheur and animation for the purposes of charged meals. 


The bio buche in the apples of the baker de Monge was completely made with existent products of the organic farming. You will discover so tasty one Genoese finely perfumed in the liqueur of apples which coats butter with apples delicately cooked in and in the sugar (bio always) and a smooth foam, fraiche and vanilla. A nice equilibrium of tastes for this log which marries simplicity and fraicheur and that will know how to enrapture all papillae notably the aficionados of the biological products! *


The baker de Monge, located just a step away from the street Mouffetard, has just become established in an also charged autrequartier of history as street Montorgueil is so shopping. The bakery, which futla the first one to offer breads completely bio of the capital, succeeded in becoming the purveyor of the big Parisian culinary tables, without ever disavowing his personality of nice boulangeriede quarter.


Rates:Individuelle: 4.90 E; pers 4/6: 27.90 E; pers 6/8: 38.80 E; 8 / 10pers: 46.50 E; pers 12: 53.20 E


Distribution:En sale from December 10th in the boutiques of the baker de Monge at following addresses:


• 48, rue de la Clef - 75005 Paris


• 123, rue Monge - 75005 Paris


• 53, rue Montorgueil - 75002 PARIS