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The Best Makeup tips from makeup artists

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5 November 2013

The best part about makeup is that can hide your imperfections and help you have a great look. Still, not many of us know perfectly how to create a fantastic makeup. So, we gathered here a couple of tips from the makeup artists to offer you the best ideas for a perfect makeup.

Professional makeup brushes

First of all, you need to have makeup brushes - most precisely, eight brushes: one for the foundation, one for the concealer, one for the blush, one for the powder, a brush for the lips  a brush for the eyebrows, a blending brush and a precision angle brush. All the brushes must be used easily kept on the upper side of the handle without putting a pressure on the face while using them. Also, every time we use the brushes we need to clean them very well and wipe away all the impurities. 

Use your makeup foundation with a cream

Now we have the BB, CC and DD creams but for a classic makeup, foundation still has the power. So, for a better use of the foundation it is better to use it mixed with a moisturising cream or a base cream. This way, it will blend easily and last longer.

The right concealer

The concealer is perfect for..of course, concealing your face flaws. But, you must know very well your skin tones. Also, for every area of the face, you must use a different tone concealer. For example, for the eyes circle area which has bluish tones you must use an orange hued concealer. For the reds on your face, you must use a greenish toned concealer. So, check first your tones and undertones of your complexion before buying a concealer.

How to apply makeup to have a perfect face

You have to know the shape of your face first and what you want to attain. For a round face that wants to be more oval, you can apply a bronzer on the limits of your face from the temples to the chin and cheeks. Also, for a wider nose, you can highlight the center part of it and apply bronzer on the base starting from the eye inner brows.

Eyes makeup tips

You can transform your eyes and give every shape you want through makeup. For smaller eyes, start with the eyeliner from the middle of the upper lid and use a white beige color for the inside part of the eye. Also, applying mascara widens the eye also like using light color tones. Always having symetric eyebrows - that means the angle of your eyebrows should be in perfect diagonale with the eye corner. Always use black mascara or eyeliner for perfect contours of the eyes.

Some simple rules can change a lot in makeup. So, every step is important and every tool can help you have the perfect makeup. Know your skin and get your right tools!

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