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The best and worst dressed at the Oscars 2013

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25 February 2013

The Oscar dress must suit the Oscar prize, that's for sure. Some did it, some tried it. I can not say that the greys from the dresses are as sparkling as the Oscar but the shape is definitely a good sign of success.

For this year grey dresses, I think Amy Adams came in the perfect shaped dress on the Red Carpet; one detail made it not shine so bright: its colour. Still, Oscar de la Renta never fails to amaze me with the perfect designs; this choice is a fantastic one and Amy Adams looked stunning. The ruffled dress in a long trail creates the glamorous princess look that suits the Oscars.

On the grey list dresses is also Amanda Seyfried in an Alexander McQueen dress, although something did not made her sparkle so much. Would still be the colour of the dress or the shadows from the flashlights, still don't know! Anyway, the dress shape is perfect but I think it can look better on a taller person.

For the big winner of this year's Oscar, Jennifer Lawrence: nice, pretty, perfect skin and smile, swept-back hair, neat silver clutch and a simple Dior dress. A dress that sturs, a dress that doesn't create too much complications but attires enough to be talked about it. Ok, so the dress suits the prize, although I can not call it "Your Highness" of this year Red Carpet.

Nicole Kidman sparkled in a L'Wren Scott dress straight from the London Fashion Week runway. An interesting dress inspired by the paintings of Gustav Klimt, a dress that perfectly shapes her body. 

Salma Hayek wore an Alexander McQueen dress fitted to her tiny body, a dress that made her look glamorous. 

I do not know where to put Jennifer Aniston in her strapeless Valentino red gown. A simple dress, very red, very good spirited that wants to create the image of a joyful Jennifer. Just as we know her...and, this is good, only that, it seems like the red dress is on a red carpet and some people can see red in their eyes. Yes, she looks pretty, she looks smiling, but not sparkling.

Anne Hathaway - well, so many adore her, so many don't like her. It is normal. This year, though, she tried something a la Madonna style: nipple dress. Of course, the Prada dress is nice with fine lines, a bit too straight, nice pale colour but the nipple shape is definitely a centered point of attraction. Just one thing: don't let yourself be messleaded, those are the satin nipples, not the real ones.

In the same spirit, is Stacy Kiebler, George Clooney's girlfriend, who wore a silver retro style dress signed Naeem Khan. It seems that is goes perfectly with the new grey Lincoln beard of her partner. One thing for George Clooney is that too much grey can make him look older, although for his fans he is always the young charming actor.

The big male winner of this year is Ben Affleck. He came in a strong mature man with a winner attitude: he won with Argo and with his three piece costume on the Red Carpet. Still, his bow-tie seemed a little upturned, but maybe it wasn't enough time as Jennifer Garner shined brightly with her 2,5 m dollars worth jewels she wore...and the Gucci dress.

I didn't like this year look of Catherina Zeta Jones: she seemed like she came to an oriental bellydancing festival with too much gold and too many metallic motifs. Maybe next year, a nicer choice!

The same, on the line of worst dress is Helen Hunt with a simple blue dress from the H&M Conscious collection that definitely needed some ironing. Also, Kristen Stewart, she's a cutie but not for the Red Carpet. It just didn't fit her. She wore a nice Reem Acra dress but the hair, the entire look needed some work. 

So, an Oscar edition with many short haircuts, long trailed dresses and many of them in grey colours, some glittering looks and elegant costumes. And, of course, great prizes - the big winner: Ben Affleck!

See the entire gallery here:

Editor: Andra Oprea