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19 December 2017

How to recognize a "Perioral Dermatitis"?

People with dry skin have a rough epidermis, which pulls during the day causing some discomfort. To avoid this sensation, we tend to apply cream several times a day to relieve us. Excessive care leaves the skin over-hydrated: the top layer swells and the natural barrier function is disrupted, leaving unsightly redness. This intolerance reaction of the facial skin is called "perioral dermatitis". When in these cases, the protective layer of the skin is weakened, the skin loses more moisture, tightens, itches and dries more quickly. This, of course, makes you want to apply more cream to rehydrate the skin. This unfortunately creates a vicious circle, which is not dangerous, but very unpleasant and this pathology then becomes chronic .. To put an end to this situation, there is only one way: stop the application of cosmetic products and let the skin resume its function as an impermeable barrier.

Non-greasy, non-sticky: how do dry oils work?

The dry oil is a blend of oils which gives the touch a less greasy feel than traditional oils. Dry oils usually contain high hiding oils, which are absorbed very quickly after application and give a smooth skin feeling. They form a thinner layer and therefore more quickly absorbed by the skin. Very useful in this cool period of the year in order to moisturize our skin dry by the cold, they are used both in the summer on the skin or the hair to protect them from the sun, the wind, the sea water and water from the pool. Some dry oils can even be used from head to toe!

Does lack of sleep cause wrinkles?

Answering yes to this question would mean that you can escape the wrinkles by sleeping enough ... But unfortunately, it is not so simple! Lack of sleep can actually lead to increased body stress: when sleep time and sleep quality are not enough, the condition of the skin can quickly deteriorate, because it is sleep that can repair UV damage done to the skin. Conclusion: no more reason to make fun of the Sleeping Beauty! Go to bed at the same time, do not dine too late at night and stop the screens an hour before going to bed are the key to a healthy lifestyle and restful sleep!

Do facial soaps dry the skin?

Conventional soaps can sometimes dry the sensitive skin of the face and alter its pH. The skin loses its natural balance due to its dryness and thus becomes more vulnerable to bacteria that can penetrate more easily. The strong soaps developed especially for the skin of the face contain soft formulations and for the most part 100% natural ingredients. Some facial soaps even have a slightly basic pH, which stimulates the sebaceous glands of the skin. This stimulates the replenishment of sebum in the upper layer of the skin and naturally prevents dehydration.

What is a "Cleansing Stick"? Is it hygienic?

Cleansing Sticks were invented in Korea. As for a lipstick or a concealer stick, the product material is firm and applies directly to the face. But this time, it is necessary to make circular movements because the goal is not to make up but to clean the face. Some sticks even contain chamomile extracts that soothe the skin during cleansing. The best is to choose a neutral pH stick and if possible without soap, so as not to dry your skin. To ensure hygienic use, the stick should be rinsed with warm water after cleaning. Some users use the Cleansing Stick in combination with a Konjac sponge.

Can serums and blisters be applied to the eye area?

Sera and ampoules are real bombs of efficiency! The sera do not contain most of the time any oil, but rather an ultra-concentrated and aqueous substance. They penetrate quickly and easily into the deepest layers of the skin and act more intensively and directly than creams. The results are long lasting! The ampoules have been designed for single use or cure 7 to 14 days: a shoot of vitality often without preservatives. All non-oily ampoules and serums with a gel and water consistency can be applied safely around the eyes. Only contact with eyelashes is to be avoided. For sensitive eyes that are easily irritated, simply maintain a sufficient distance between the area of ​​application of the treatment and your eyes.

Can face oil be used on oily skin?

By definition, oily skin has an increased production of sebum: it has the primary function of protecting the skin from external aggression. The so-called "dry" oils will not cause any problems, provided you choose one with plant active ingredients (such as Jojoba, Tea or Thyme oil), especially made for oily skin: some have antibacterial properties and anti-inflammatories that will regulate the production of sebum and improve the appearance of the skin. Dry oils normally do not leave greasy residue, but an increased shine of the face can be masked with mattifying powder. In addition, it will be necessary to check that the components of the oil do not cause acne, a frequent problem in oily skin. The products also suitable for oily skin will be non-greasy creams that regulate the production of sebum or mattifying gels. If the condition of your skin deteriorates despite your care, do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist who can give you advice adapted to your skin type.