• Photo By Thibault Grabherr/Tibo & Anouchka - SND 

Photo By Thibault Grabherr/Tibo & Anouchka - SND 

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The backstage of the film Yves Saint Laurent with Pierre Bergé


7 January 2014

Yves Saint Laurent is the film very much awaited by all fashion lovers and not only. This Wednesday will see the big screen in France and the voices are all around about its premiere. This puts the other film Saint Laurent in a shadow, the latter to be revealed during the Cannes Film Festival.

Pierre Bergé, a great support for this film

Still, for this film, Yves Saint Laurent, the life partner and lover of the fashion designer, Pierre Bergé gave all its approval helping very much in the making of the movie. Pierre Bergé loaned the production 77 vintage outfits as pieces from the Collection 40, pieces from 1962 collection, the Mondrian dresses from 1965.

"We never loan out clothes, so each one came with a handler. Someone from the foundation was behind each outfit and the models were not allowed to sit down. It was very complicated, but we did it," Bergé said. "I lent him the clothes on several precise conditions: that we got to pick the models, hair and makeup." 

He also recreated the runway stage like in an Yves Saint Laurent show as the Opéra Ballets Russes collection of 1976. 

Charlotte Le Bon in a scene from

Pierre Niney, an exceptional role as Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent under the direction of Jalil Lespert promises to be a huge success especially through the role of YSL played by Pierre Niney. The actor of Comédie-Française theater prepared very much for this role taking classes of sewing, drawing, fashion design, studying the entire character of Yves Saint Laurent. 

"I am blown away by Pierre Niney's performance," Bergé told WWD. "It really disconcerted me, it even upset me, because it's very difficult. At times, I thought it was Yves Saint Laurent himself. That's huge." 

Laura Smet and Pierre Niney in a scene from

Editor Andra Oprea