The Art of Transformation

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11 June 2021

Transformation in the era of deep transition is an art. An art many can't manage! An art that involves living and evolving, breaking old patterns of thought, perception and lifestyle! It isn't easy! A pattern of listening to a higher voice than that you usually did or to those you usually meet and pour out incongruent sounds out of their mouth.

The time for transformation has come! And part of you already feels it! But in order to raise this awareness and awake frozen minds and souls to this new beautiful vibe that covers many of us, let's start with those tiny little steps and slaps of conscience to wake people to an authentic life.

First slap over the face

Don't fool your own perception with the one coming from others

Many people lose the chance to embrace a new human being because they already constructed in their head the image of that person ...through the so-called opinions of others. Or simply put: through gossip! Stop, society! This is not the way we should link to one another for a truly empowering experience here on Earth! These trivialities and shallow behaviour is not even met at animals. Let's raise it to a humanly approach and let everyone do what they like, how they like it, and have a friendly approach. We are all as one, in the end, and our common experience here should be a pleasant one.

Let's not give in to judgments, to perceptions that can be wrong, to envy and primitive feelings. In the end, all that counts is the love we shared through our quick experience here.

So, people, don't start building in your mind, the person other talks to you about! Live your own human experience and open to a new being! We, definitely, have something to learn from everyone we meet, no matter the level of their evolution!

Second slap over the face

Social Media Kindness Bullshit

We know fashion and trends! These are such social patterns that are followed unconsciously that many lose their own self. Waves of ice buckets, cropped t-shirts, and many other imitating stereotypes that blur the mind! Among them, a soft one, we may say! Not as soft as it appears to be as it is, in fact, a huge society flaw that relates to appearances.

One of the trends at the moment is kindness. Many are proclaiming kindness on social media, kindness being the center of their lives and actions! Well, there is nothing wrong with this, on the contrary, it is life goal! But, the problem is when this is totally opposed to reality! What do we call these people, then? Hypocrites?

 Some of you may feel the fly over your head, right now. So cut the bullshit, be who you really are and we may love you more. Be Cruella, Be Cinderella, be whatever, but just be you, mean and bad or good and profound, always, no matter the circumstances! Society would be so much more beautiful with authentic people. Let's taught the hypocrites the beauty of self revealing or put them on the society's margins till they learn to appreciate it!

Third Slap over the face

People are good or even better if they are not like you

People don't have to be like you to be good, in your perception. People don't have to think or do the same things, in order to get along and learn from each other. People that are out of the box don't need to be treated differently or marginally. You may have something to learn from them. They are just on another level of evolution than you!

Fourth Slap over the face

Discover the world always with new eyes

Be open to different opinions over life. Don't get frozen into yours and think they are the universal truth. Think that truth is always somewhere in the middle. Explore, read, be open, listen to others with interest, come with your arguments and let's build a world of truth from different opinions.

Don't be fooled by the idea that long term scholars are brighter than others. Most of the times what they have learnt in those indoctrinating books are farther from the truth. The world can be regarded as a whole and intuition has its power to move you in the right direction. Argue can be done with softness and enthusiasm of sharing our time in this experience called life. Don't forget that we are tiny parts of manifestation in a certain context. Let's spread love around us and talk with love about others. Mostly when they are not around! Let's see you, yes you and me, how we can talk with love about others, when they are not around. Even if they do the opposite!

This we way can build a world of love, with small steps!


First part ... to be continued!








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