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The Anatomy of a Shirt for a fashion collection

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25 July 2014

`Like a body composed of portions, the shirts arise from the symbiosis of each one of its pieces..."

The process begins each season with a rigorous selection of exclusive textiles from the best manufactures in the world, Italian, Egyptian, English, Spanish. At the headquarters in Madrid, in the cutting section, are patterned and cut over 18 pieces of fabric that, on average and depending  on the model, will make up each garment. Later and honouring the traditional system of marrying textiles, these pieces move on to the sewing atelier to be assembled and sewn, using seams of over 7 stitches per centimetre, in an industrial process that carries over 80 independent operations, most of which are carried out in an artisan manner, by hand, or using at some point the best technology available. Combining craftmanship and technology to achieve higher perfection and homogeneity in the product. Finally, each shirt is inspected, stretched and folded individually by expert ironers. Only the shirts that overcome a meticulous quality exam arrive thus at the final consumer.