• Photos by Giovanni Giannoni 

Photos by Giovanni Giannoni 

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The Accessory of the Day from Marni Spring 2014

fashion & styletrends

23 September 2013

Accessory trends:

The Marni white tote bag with oversized paillettes is the must have accessory and the one that caught the eye at Marni Spring 2014 fashion show.

Consuelo Castiglioni made use of many embelishments over the simplity and austerity of the fashion collection. So, she used oversized paillettes and many jewels like in this white on white look. A non contrast in a subtle contrast.

Marni Spring 2014 fashion collection

Minimalism, structuralism and austerity - these are the words to describe Marni s spring 2014 fashion collection.

Going through simple yet very relaxed outfits with Japanese influences and high street fashion, Consuelo Castiglioni creates a beautiful contrast within the collection by creating clothes that mix contrasting colorsd and symbols. From black and white to a splash of mixing colors, the designer created a decorative play with ruffles and jewel adornments. We could see Geisha-esque wedge sandals, visors, Japanese kimono. 

"Silencing the urge to minimize...," ... "a romantic territory while keeping restraint and austerity as guiding principles.", that is the impression of the fashion show.  

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Editor Andra Oprea