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The 5th element dress by Aline Buffet at Chocolate Salon

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1 November 2012

Aline Buffet, designer Haute couture extremely solicited by the big Houses for the red carpets, and for who the talent and rigour remain inevitable for the customers Haute couture, will participate this year in the inauguration party of the 1st Salon of the Chocolate Cinema on Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 in Canes. 

In collaboration with the master chocolate maker Jean-Luke Pelé, she will reveal us her creation on the topic of the Cinema during the party of unveiling which will take place in the Palace of Festivals and of Congress at Cannes, under the high sponsorship of S.E Mister Rezlan Ishar Jenie, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia. 

Aline Buffet therefore chose to re-interpret the dress worn by the actress Milla Jovovich in "The fifth element" of Luke Besson. A workshop of 9 students in fashion design and 544 hours of employment had been necessary to conceive the dress. Materials such as iron thread, electric cord, some metal, pipes of plumbing and some leather were used. 

The talent of the designer is transmitted to younger generation and future business managers by opening of the private School "Aline Buffet Classes" 3 years ago, technical programme of three year Haute couture and uninterrupted professional training (fashion design, modelling, sewing).