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The 24th Critic's Choice Awards Statements

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15 January 2019

The 24th Critic's Choice Aards took place on Sunday in Santa Monica and it had some highlights that needed to be pointed out.

Besides the blue carmet and the actors presenting at the ceremony, the Awards had a few elements not to be missed! The "battle" between Lady Gaga and Glenn Close, the fashion debats regarding the access to everyone and the importance of accepting everyone as they are.

Hosted by Taye Diggs, the award ceremony had a few names to brag with like Amy Adams, Ricky Martin, Regina King, Patricia Arquette, Lady Gaga, KiKi Layne and Dina Shihabi and much more. 

The need for fashion to be more accessible

The messages trespassed the fashion and need to be accessible to everyone in terms of buying power, size, measures.

"I shut down toward fashion and I thought it's not for me. But what I noticed lately working in the entertainment industry, as a writer, people are teaching me that fashion is for everybody and any size. You have to work a little harder to find things in your size, but you should own it. The world is changing," Lady J said of recently landing on a worst-dressed list for her Golden Globes look. "I've talked to a lot of women who feel really limited in options. They're not a size 2, a size 4 or a size 6. I just thought I would speak up for my sisters who are like, ‘I want to wear that cute dress, too.'", she continued.

The writing work behind each movie

Also, one of the biggest highlights was about the hard work behind the films, the writing and its recognition. Words need to be put down and to sort out as a message, not always on everyone's minds, thoughts or likes.

It's nice to win, please God; it's nice to be here, but I love the show so much. These dark, complicated characters demanded so much of us.", Patricial Clarkson of "Sharp Objects" stated. 

Will Lady Gaga win the Oscars?

Regarding Lady Gaga and Glenn Close, everybody has its favourites. They have already been competing for the Golden Globes where Glenn Close went home with the award. Glenn Close has never won a major prize despite her amazing roles. Still, there are voices that stir towards Lady Gaga's winning the Oscars!

I guess we'll just have to sit and see!

Journalist Andra Oprea