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Tête-à-Tête Art Exhibition for the Russian Year in Monaco

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14 September 2015

This Saturday, it took place at Maison d'art in Monaco the official opening of an artistic encounter of five Russian artists to expose their art during the Russian Year in Monaco. It was an elegant ambiance where colors took over the walls and inspiration keps flowing in the room. A great encounter among the art lovers and a fantastic opportunity to meet Russian designers on a special location.

The Art House Gallery hosts the "Head-to-Head" exposure from 12 to 22 September, 2015 as part of the Russian Year in Monaco. This exhibition will present the works of art of the Moscow art association XOLST: a group of artists led by Dmitry Kholkin, enrolling in the tradition of Russian realist school.

Inspired by a multiforme Impressionism, the XOLST  artists erected nature as thread of their compositions: from landscapes to still life and sunny hues to classic traits. From different backgrounds but with the same artistic sensibility, members of the Association XOLST pursue the same purpose: to provide emotion through paintings.

The artists:

Dmitry Kholkin is the Artistic Director of the XOLST Association. After studies at the Academic Institute for the Arts in Moscow, Dmitry Kholkin in 2001 became a member of the Union of Moscow Artists. Exhibitor at the Moscow Arts Festival and at the International Exhibition of Art "Way of Unity" Dmitry Kholkin was rewarded for his contribution in the development of Russian art by Zurab Tsereteli, President of the Russian Academy of Arts .

Violetta Goldina began painting at a young age but she oriented towards studying economics before returning to her first love. After studying at the Institute of Academic Art and the prestigious school Perotti, Violetta Goldina has traveled the world in order to perfect her knowledge. Under the supervision of her mentor, Dmitry Kholkin, Violetta Goldina created these colorful works with subtle nuances.

Irina Kovalevskaya is an artist with an early talent since her first exhibition took place when she only 16 years old. After a stint at the Academy of Design and Architecture of Moscow, Irina Kovalevskaya began to perfect her knowledge in contact with Russian and Italian painters. A true jack of all for pictorial art, Irina Kovalevskaya works with Moscow City Hall as part of many artistic projects.

Elena Pavlova is a recognized artist whose works have been exhibited since 2006. From her passing at the workshops of Svetlana Perotti and Mark Ginsburg, Elena Pavlova kept a desire to transcribe her works in a changing world: a painting that lives thanks to the movements of nature. After stating among other at the Central House of Artists, Elena Pavlova became a member of the International Arts Fund.

Marianna Chaykina is a worthy representative of the School of Moscow. Her works inspired by the Russian Impressionism perfectly transcribe a harmony of colors and a controlled pace, wrought style with music education followed in her early University years. Browsing Europe to perfect her talent, Marianna Chaykina is a renowned artist whose work "A small town in Normandy" was purchased by the National Gallery of Armenia.

This event brings together under one label a set of events in Monaco highlighting the common heritage, historical and cultural ties uniting the two states. This year will also highlight the relationship between Monaco and Russia in the most varied fields. "The Year of Russia in Monaco» aims to pay tribute to these ancient and profound links but also to enrich the knowledge of all the culture and Russian traditions. The aim of this artistic profusion is to broaden the vision we can have of this great country and to emphasize what this country, over the years, has brought to the Principality.