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The present document represente the general conditions of use of the approachable site under address "http://www.stylezza.com " (below called the "Site ").

By using this Site, you are responsible to accept these general terms. We save the right to refuse the access to all or part of the Site for every user who would not respect them. You must respect the law, the rules of online communication, the rules of behaviour and courtesy. Here, it is not allowed the use of texts or pictures with pornographic, discriminating, rasist, ethnic, religious or violent content. 

The Site is subjected to French law, to French jurisdiction as it is located in France. But, as the target audience is interantional,  The Site uses both languages: English and French. 

The use of personal data:

In accordance with the article 16 of the law from January 6th, 1978 relating to computer science, to files and to freedom, the Site was the object of a statement in CNIL under number of recording 1534522. The site is owned by the company Media Agency and it is located in France.

The collection and data use:

The Site can ask you for your address e-mail, name, forename and other personal information when subscribing to newsletter, involving in certain parts of the Site (comment, writing of an article, store of photographs), to benefit from a special bargain, for participation in a game competition.

The categories of collected personal data are the following:

- identity

- electronic address

The personal data provided deliberately by yourlself is gathered by the Site to answer your requests concerning certain services, as well as to optimize functioning and effectiveness of the Site.

We promise not to sell or to announce the addresses of our internauts in third parties without their prior agreement.

Information is kept by the Site for a limitless length. 

The financial year of these rights will be made respecting conditions envisaged by the law 78-17 of January 6th, 1978 changed and its implementing decrees relating to " computer science, to files and to freedom " by applying directly by sending an e-mail in office(at)stylezza.com

The use of cookies:

The Site saves right to put "Cookies" on your computer and to achieve it. A cookie is a small file transmitted by the Website to your navigator and stocked in the hard disk of your computer.

You can configurer your navigator so that it accepts all cookies sent by the sites which you consult or to reject all this cookies systematically or that he asks every time if you like or not to accept them.

The links from the Site:

The Site can contain links towards other sites which we do not exploit. We can no way be kept responsible for these links. We can not be hold responsible for any of these sites or external sources and can not support responsibility for contents, advertising, products, services or quite other available equipment coming from these sites or external sources which are not either proved or approved by our teams.

Our responsability:

We work to offer the best service for you. We do all the necessary efforts to assure updated and correct information. However, we can not be hold responsible for any error, omissions or for the results which could be acquired by a poor usage of this information. We try to provide the most precise information to you. Also, the use of photos from this site are used under given creditation, bough sources or free sources. If, by any chance, you may find that our photos are not used accordingly to the copyright terms, email us and we will certainly remove them. Still, we respect all the laws of copyright and want to assure a proper information to our visitors.

In case of any error that is caused by us, we will do all efforts to correct them, as soon as these errors are brought to our attention.

The downloading of any software or documents during the use of service will be at your own risk. You will be the only responsible for any damage or any losses of successive data in this downloading.

The Site will be hold no responsible, under no circumstances, in case of direct and/or indirect damage resulting from the use of this Site.

Site's availability or technical problems:

It is technically impossible to provide the Site exempt from any defect and these defects can drive to the temporary unavailability of the Site; the functioning of the Site can be affected by events and/or by elements which we do not control, such as for instance, by means of transmission and of communication between you and us and between us and of other networks; we and/or our purveyors shall be able to, at any time, change or interrupt provisionally or permanently all or part of the Site to perform operations of service and/or perform improvements and/or modifications on the Site.

We shall inform you, if possible, of every modification / break of available services on the Site. We are not responsible for any modification, suspension or break of the Site.

Purchasing third party products:

Property and services given by a third partie (" Third Products ") are present on the Site through advertising links towards the third sites on which you can choose to buy any good or service given in sale on this site.

If you choose to buy Third Products, the contract of purchase will be crossed between you and the concerned third partie and will be subjected to conditions on which you and this third will have admitted for the purchase of the good (s) or corresponding service (s). You acknowledge being responsible for getting and for approval of these conditions with the concerned purveyor, that you are the only responsible for the evaluation of quality and compliance of the Third Products with your needs and that we shall not be responsible for transactions crossed between you and a third party.

We do not guarantee the security of information likely to be asked you to provide in a third in your relations with this one (notably personal information and information relating to your credit card).

Responsibilities of the visitor:

You are responsible for contents and for usage of your messages. 

The reliability of messages, identity and the morals of the users cannot be guaranteed by The Site and the Editor will not be kept responsible under no circumstances for posted contents.


The information on this site is for information purposes only and it must be taken as well. Stylezza assumes no liability or responsibility for any inaccurate, incomplete or delayed information, nor for any actions taken in reliance thereon.

The information contained about each individual or institution are provided by themselves without previous verification from us.

The editor has the right to his own opinion and this can be read in the articles of this Site. The opinions of the contributors to this Site does not necessarily reflect Stylezza concept and values. In fact, Stylezza carries no responsibility for the opinion expressed in this website.

Certain articles may include links that will lead you to other websites: Stylezza can not be held responsible for the use of those links and its consequences. These links and sites are not under the control of Stylezza and every user is responsible for their own actions. Stylezza is not responsible for the content of any such linked sites or any other web page that is not part of our site.

Stylezza offers the possibility of expressing your opinion through comments to articles. All the comments should respect human rights and values, need to be moral and have an accurate speech. Every one is responsible for their own comments. Abusive, antisocial or off-topic comments will be deleted by web administrators.

No part of this website may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission of the publisher.

The use of photos in this site:

The use of photos are made respecting the copyright rights. We intend to respect everyone's work and value and we give credits to the authors of the photos. 

Images we use in this site have attibutions if it is asked for this. Also, we use pictures from free sources, public domain or bought from picture agencies.

If, by any chance, you feel that a photo has not been attibuted, misused or not given the right credits, please let us know and we will correct it. If, by chance, our site uses a photo that should not be present on this site, let us know and we will remove it immediately.

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