• Photo courtesy Temperley London

Photo courtesy Temperley London

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Temperley London Spring Summer 2013

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18 September 2012

Temperley London's Spring Summer 2013 show is a ‘Return to Elegance'.

An effortlessly feminine mood constructed around a timeless method of dressing has inspired a fresh summer collection, which uses clean silhouettes with graphic shapes and lines to create a feeling of exuberance and light.

The show celebrates beauty, in fabric, colour and form by using digital decorative prints and engineered graphic silk jacquards, which appear in a cool colour palette of fresh whites, china blues, soft aqua greens and bold reds. Inspired by the ornate tiling and architecture seen in Moorish design, delicate feminine lattice appliqués and embroideries are presented alongside intricate stitch work and modern diaphanous fabrics.

Softly structured silhouettes are influenced by the use of new textiles and techniques which are developed into crisp cotton dresses and shirts, fluid knits and crystalline embellished gowns. Classic silhouettes have been modernized with plays of transparency and geometric lines created with ribbon and stripe embroideries.

The timeless quality of Temperley is an enduring strength as the Temperley London mainline is refined and evolves to a new level of luxury and sophistication.

"I like to work with a timeless mixture of contrasting influences. I had visions of a late 1950's couture model or a young Sophia Loren, but also modernising the Temperley Woman making her uncomplicated and effortlessly beautiful. I wanted to maintain a balance between refined elegance and modernity.

I love the idea of fashion's return to elegance and what it means today - do we still have the time to dress properly, be poised, or be brave enough to make that consistent statement rather than searching for the new all the time? These are questions I have tried to answer in the clothes themselves." Alice Temperley