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Swimwear trends on the French Riviera

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9 May 2014

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Summer on the French Riviera! What can you possibly ask for more?! From little wild landscapes to luxurious sights, there is plenty to feed your eye and soul. It is the place you fall in love with and the land to make you dream. It is the place to feel free, wild, chic, sexy and glamorous.

Let me take you to a trip on the rocky sandy beaches of the French Riviera, a trip in different pieces of swimwear to various places from Nice, Beaulieu, Villefranche to St. Tropez. Each piece of swimwear is a trend, is a style, is a state of mind for the woman who wears it. And, on the French Riviera, you can feel however you want from wild, chic, free-spirited to glam or luxurious.

Exotic one piece swimsuit for a glamorous sophisticated look

On the rocky beaches of Beaulieu, surrounded by wild luxuriant vegetation, the exotic background created the perfect frame for the one piece swimsuit, the star of the journey. The black and white swimsuit with flaming colorful stripes in geometrical forms fits perfectly to the place. You`ll feel free and attached to the natural beauty, a feline that walks the paths to find herself in a confident and sensual way. The one piece swimsuit from Verano High was my choice also for St. Tropez: glam and chic. On the highly known beach of Pampelonne, visited by most of the stars and VIPs, the one piece swimsuit is the high note sensation. For a beach party is the perfect outfit and it definitely assures the chic look you need to have at St. Tropez. It cannot get any better! It is the piece that defines your curves, strengthens your feminine lines and makes you sparkle in a sophisticated way. Definitely, a must-have look when you are waiting for your yacht trip in St. Tropez, perfectly accessorized with a hat and jewels.

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Nautical style beachwear trend for this summer

St. Tropez is also known for its nautical style. The Verano High navy and white graphic print bikini is the top trend for two piece swimwear. It is linked with summer, boats, fun, travel and it is very cosy. The solid navy bottom with a chevron print waistband is very chic and the metallic accessory creates the perfect glam touch. For me it was ideal to walk the sandy beach of Escalet in a dreamy sunset between green vegetation and turquoise blue seaside. A frame to walk the navy stripes and wait for the yacht to come!

Timeless white bikinis in glitzy sequins or turquoise water reflection swimwear?

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But French Riviera is also for sparkle glitzy beachwear. In a timeless white sequined swimsuit, you will definitely turn heads on the beach. It is great for a fair complexion but mostly for the tanned bodies. A better way to make the difference is to wear it both ways. The Emamo white piece conquered me from the beginning for its pure lines and colors, beaded elements, fringed tied bikini for all flirty fashion aficionados. Same for the pale blue sequined bikinis: a perfect piece for the woman who wants glamour in a non-sophisticated way. Walking the sandy beaches in these bikinis is like taking a path through blue waters, warm rays and sunny moments.  A great opportunity to change into the Blue Lagoon Twisted Bandeau, a shimmering eye-catching color with two gold plated medallions for the bikinis that are bound to reflect the French Riviera turquoise waters.

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Prints and colors for a splash of fun on the beach

But, let`s not forget, ladies, that this is the year of prints and colors. The colorful piece from Emamo is the exact prove that, on the beach, splashes of colors can be really fun and chic. It is summer that inspires you to wear vivid tones, bold prints like the one that I wore.

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Wearing the swimsuits was more like a fashion trip to different sensations. It was the swimsuit that dictated the ambiance of the place but also the French Riviera that gave the tone for the outfits. A walk from simple, yet glamorous to sophisticated and luxurious, a touch of colors and glitzy sequins – are all in here to conclude a voyage to this summer trends that will make you look beachly fabulous.  It is a choice of the most important beachwear styles to choose from, depending on your body shape (the one piece is perfect for every type but mostly for the curvy ones), inner mood (bold prints to lighten up your summer days even more), place (timeless whites, shimmering and glitzy items for the beach parties).

French Riviera shows you the mood for your swimwear

A journey in which the beachwear takes you to places and shows you the mood. Only in fact, here, the mood is French Riviera. So, be ready, as St Tropez is ready to wet your swimsuits and sandy your bikinis!

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Editor: Andra Oprea

Photography Copyright: George C. / Stylezza.com

Many thanks to the swimwear brands:

Verano High & Emamo' / Lilylola Beachwear Boutique