• Photo courtesy of Columbus

Photo courtesy of Columbus

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Superyachts trends at Monaco Yacht Show 2013

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23 September 2013

The 23rd edition of Monaco Yacht Show is indisputably the most important event of the industry of big pleasure. The most spectacular yachts of this sector in constant evolution are displayed during four days at the Harbour Hercules; an unique opportunity to meet the shipowners, brokers, constructors and designers of superyachts of the whole world.

From 25 till 28 September, the event of the group Informed will gather more than 100 superyachts with stream, ready to welcome aboard the brokers and the potential purchasers.

Yachts displayed this year express the tendency of the superyachts shipowners to do something different each year. If the extremely lucky persons to buy a superyacht for different reasons - the complete intimacy of which notably given to his owner aboard - one of the most enthralling aspects to order the superyacht is the possibility of creating all you want so much that your idea complies with the norms of security!

Sofia, the 42-metre yacht constructed by the Dutch construction site Moonen, is equipped with a back pontoon ("beach club") who can also receive an easily usable submarine of three places. The shipowner of the biggest yacht of the expo, 88 metres Quattroelle, wanted that all half of a bridge is conceived as a space independent and deprived for its family and himself. This space includes the continuation of the shipowner, the privative bathrooms for her and him, the office and two children cabins. This development brings a new dimension in the concept of intimacy aboard, separated from other guests and from the crew. It is a vision distant from the previous tendency to conceive more neutral yachts not to dissuade the clients charter plane potentials.

To carry the outside towards indoors is also an increasing tendency, because the new clients want to be linked up in the ocean since so many places as possible aboard. "Beach clubs" modern yachts (a zone of the bridge in the back end of the boat located in only some metres in the ocean) were always appreciated places where to spend time aboard, but they become now more and more big and developed, with saunas, rooms of massage and bars.

On several recently built yachts, for example Ocean Paradise of Benetti or Engelberg of Amels, there are terraces and balconies which fan out on each side of the main living room or of the shipowner zone . They represent idyllic places where to have breakfast in any intimacy and to use the fresh air by looking at the ocean. 65 metres Lady M (constructed by Palmer Johnson) is one of the quickest yachts of the expo; it reaches a speed of 28 knots with the design of a sportcruiser, a quick boat conceived to sail the water to full power, is made for a shipowner who prefers to smell the wind in his hair rather than to sip his cocktails aboard.

Must see yachts

Every year at Monaco Yacht Show, there are some yachts which all journalists want to visit at all costs, that it is for their innovative and surprising design, their size or even because they belong to an intriguing publicity. Yachts not to be missed this year could be even more extraordinary than those of last year. As mentioned, Quattroelle, constructed by the reputed construction site Lürssen, is the biggest yacht of the expo and one of the most spectacular. Big volumes, a bridge sumptuous and private shipowner, an incredible range of glassware made to order and various woodworks, an art gallery aboard and an external space of relaxation which can be closed, are the strong points of this wonderful boat.

The Italian construction site CRN, which celebrates this year its 50th birthday, attains 80 metres with Chopi Chopi, its boat star. Every cabin guest has his own external space, the zone shipowner has his private Jacuzzi and it has room for 33 members of crew there. The beach club measures 100 square metres, undoubtedly one of the biggest of the expo. This construction site also introduces J Ade in the expo, with the garage of its annex at lateral opening at the level of the water allowing to the guests to go aboard easily for excursions or aquatic sports.

The Dutch construction site Amels will introduce 60 metres Event, of the series 199 of the construction site, that was conceived by the English designer Tim Heywood. Its innovative external form, with a vertical prow, will surely get outside it from the lot to the salon. Seahawk, the first 60 metres of Perini Navi, is a sailing boat which can give the benefits of a speed boat or can be used as a yacht of cruise according to desires of the shipowner.

Definitely, Monaco Yachts Show is a must see for all the boats, yachts and luxury lovers.