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Stylezza E-Shop launching in Monaco, a great success

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26 April 2017

Stylezza magazine launched its e-commerce platform on the 5th of April at Monte Carlo Bay with an amazing aura of success.

More than 150 people participated at the event showing their enthusiasm and interest on Stylezza E-Shop concept, a platform dedicated to amazing designers from all over the world, designers whose qualities and creativity reach Stylezza values.

« It came as a natural thing to launch Stylezza E-Shop! The demand was high and designers need to be seen, sold and promoted on new markets and, especially, on markets like French Riviera & Monaco. », said Andra Oprea, the Founder of the concept Stylezza. « The idea is to be closer to buyers and find a way to their style dreams in a manner that can be perfectly personalised to the client. »

The event had in mind a convivial ambiance where people gather for a good mood, enjoy the fashion shows and get to know about Stylezza E-Shop concept. With The Monarchs Band creating the musical energy, everything went from retro moves to nowadays thrils. They entertained the audience with genius artistry.

Three designers, part of Stylezza E-Shop, presented their collections at the event : SHTOICA , Manuri and Alberto Adonai. Each presentation was rewarded with applauses and appreciations.

A speech by the Honorary Consul of Romania in the Principiality of Monaco, Mr Constantin Turchina, was one of the highlighted points of the evening. Mr Constantin Turchina talked about the Romanian community in Monaco and Stylezza success.

« For years now, with the news on the luxury market, glamour and Cote d'Azur, Stylezza has known how to earn its reputation on one of the most conveted regions in the world ... Behind the success of Stylezza, there is a person, a creative mind, the little hands that work and that are not seen ...a motivated curious personality, filled with humour and lively spirit ... I present you, Andra Oprea, the founder of the concept Stylezza, media and now e-shop, licensed in Journalism and The Science of Communication, with a strong experience in press, TV and online ...focused on quality, real quality and not quantity...covering the top events in the region and not only... », as Mr Constantin Turchina said during his speech at the event.

The entire event was filmed and created by One Place 2 B who put all the ambiance into one video reportage of the event.

Following the great feedback and interest on the concept, mixing media and designers E-Shop,, Stylezza continues to walk further to top quality and ambiance being a complete storyteller through editorials and shopping. 

Editor Andra Oprea