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Les Meilleurs Tendances Glaces 2020

8 Octobre

We are in the year of 2020 and most definitely a year for changes and new waves. Not that we had enough with the classical ones, but to test new markets and flavours has become a rocking movement. What would be the trends to impact the ice cream market this year and the future to come? It is a question that we can answer only by watching the market and its flow! Gelato owners are moving from a straight simple classical line to a series of diverse products to satisfy their customers. We see mixes of sweets, fruits, vegetables and even cheese, meat and burgers, we see CBD ice cream on the American market, and not only, and we see more and more avid clients for novelty. A flourishing market always on the move! Top 10 restaurants trends for 2020 If we see the top 10 restaurant trends for 2020 by National Restaurant Association in America, we have this: Plant-based everything, eco-friendly packaging, revamped classic cocktails, healthy bowls, zero waste and much more Top 10 overall restaurant trends for 2020 1.      Eco-friendly packaging 2.    Scratchmade 3.    Plant-based proteins 4.    Healthy bowls 5.     Creativity with catering 6.    Delivery-friendly menu items 7.     Revamped classic cocktails 8.    Stress relievers (ingredients that promote relaxation/relieve stress) 9.    Specialty burger blends (mushroom-beef burgers, etc.) 10.                       Unique beef and pork cuts   For gelato, the attitude stays the same. But one thing is for sure, the classical flavours will never

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