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Style and glamour - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013

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15 November 2013


A fabulous show where creativity, fashion and inspiration mix together into amazing themes, great outfits and ambiance. The show started in the vivid British colors withTaylor Swift dressed in the British flag colors. After, it was pink that was honored reminding of the Victoria's Secret pink collection.

The end of the show culminated with the Snow Queen and thousands of snow flakes that created the magic of winter landscape, snow angels and dreams. 

"Some of these Angels have walked nine, 10 or 12 shows, and to be able to do that you have to be in top physical condition....Angels like Adriana train throughout the year, just as any world-class athlete would. The Summer Olympics has 10,500 athletes, the NFL has 1,760,  MLB has 600 and the NBA has 400. Victoria's Secret, which is the hardest show in the world to get booked for, has 40 word-class models who are also athletes," stated Ed Razek, chief creative officer of Victoria's Secret. 

A show that takes your breath away and, this year it was an amazing creative force put within.

Photo credit George Chinsee - all the amazing photos here in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013

Editor Andra Oprea