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Structural, bold, colorful - the fashion trends for 2015

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3 June 2014

For 2015, a year of challenges is announced. We go from minimalism to structuralism and geometric forms in a variety of prints and colors. What we can wear in 2015 is the debut of what the next generations will be trending.

We resuscitate the 80s in a futuristic vive, a fresh new energy that shows power, boldness and independance.

We have chosen the Australian designer to represent the trend for 2015 here. It has all it takes to be the symbol for 2015 in the fashion.

At The Innovators show during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2014 at Carriageworks in Sydney, Australia, designers like Ciara Nolan, Yousef Akbar or Logvin Code know how to put the catwalk on another dimension.

What we see at these designers are the geometrical shapes of clothing, bold colors, cocoon clothing, layers, mix of fabrics, colors and styles that outline one thing: the future is all about mixing.