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Stila Make-up collection summer 2012


25 June 2012

Make-up products are never too much for a girl! And, each summer comes with new shades to put on and get gorgeous!

For this summer, Stila proposes a shimering bronze tones collection. Lovely pigments are created to accesorise your summer and make you shine in the light.

What the make-up collection includes?

The Illuminator - great for your tone skin when in need to give a little more lightning to it. A oil-free serum with a formula that improves the skin texture. 

The pigment products in three shades of champagne, pale pink, kitten give more vibrance to your complexion. 

All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer 

A trace of sheer shimmer is made with this fluid illuminator in great shades:

  • bronze shimmer
  • pink shimmer
  • kitten shimmer
  • rose shimmer
Illuminate, Correct and Bronze Powder:
The flawless touch is given with this 3 in 1 powder. It has vitamin E, antioxidants and jojoba oil and makes, at the same time, the perfect touch of colour for your skin in a lumminous, bronze or matte complexion.
Self Adjusting Bronze Custom Color Blush:
A bronze colour blush to give the desire skin tone and your cheekbones the right look.
Passion Fruit Crush Lip and Cheek Stain :
A lip and cheek tint with a nourishing formula that makes your skin soft. A tone with rose with shimmer that creates a natural look.
Stay All Day Waterproof Volumizing Mascara :
A waterproof mascara meant to last. It provides volume while nourishing the eyelashes.