Spring hair with Geomer


6 March 2012


By choosing Géomer products with a maximum of ingredients of natural origin and recyclable packing, they take option to diminish dependency in petrochemical, habitually present stemming and synthetic products in a massive manner in the habitual cosmetic products.

By opting for this choice of natural ingredients, they support the development of the organic farming all over the world. The partners hairdressers and cosmeticians who chose to work with products Géomer restrict the evacuation of chemicals in wastewater and protect our planet this way.


Excess of sebum, solvent

A specific synergy of Essential oils fatty skins and scalps séborrhéiques

This synergy gives the possibility of personifying a raw material (cream, shampoo, soft emulsion phyto, plural oil).

Amplitude - Bottle and pipette - 30 ml - 23 € *


Regenerating cell

His penetrating power is very efficient in cases of fall of hair, breaks or other phenomena preventing hair from thickening and from stretching out. Strong re-mineralizing power, it restructures the skin (wrinkles), and hair, cleans the cell, decongests, protects and restores. It speeds up healing. Linked to Oligo Universel, it becomes very good fixing one.

Régénorsil - Roll-on - 50 ml - 31 € *

Capillary balsam

Detangling, repairer

Function démêlante: after the shampoo, keep hair very mouillès, especially not spin. Rub the value of a hazelnut forcefully between the dry hands to transform balsam into "Mayonnaire". Apply uniformly to all hair. Perform a 1st very very short rinse. Comb and let pose 2 minutes. End by a full rinse.

Function régénérante: Divide a half walnut of capillary balsam, let put down 60 mn. Then perform a nutritious shampoo.

Capillary balsam - Pot - 100 ml - 22 € *

Cleansing serum

Fatty skins, acnées

Cleansing impurity of the skin linked to an excess of sebum, it cleans up intoxicated skins with repercussion on definite zones (forehead, chin and zones chinstraps). The effect is felt from the 1st application. The decline of buttons intervenes after 3 or 4 days. A deep result is visible after 15 days.

Cleansing serum - Roll-on - 30 ml - 33 € *

Green Terral

Mask for fatty skins

Divide stripe by stripe in the brush on the concerned zones. Time of pause 10 minutes for scalps, 5 minutes on the face and the body. Then rinse and adapted shampoo.

Green Terral - Pot - 100 ml - 35 € *

Emulsion soft phyto

Moisturizing cream for hair and skins

An Emulsion for the skin which has feature not to grease. Very good moisturizing for 

Emulsion phyto soft - Bottle - 200 ml - 29 € *

Washing énergisant frost

Shampoo fatty scalps

Wet hair. Divide (2 pressures) uniformly, do not wait for the foam, she is opposite to a good equilibrium of hair. Perform a light rinse. Undertake a second shampoo, assemble lightly, let pauser 7 minutes (obligatory) and end by an abounding rinse. After drying, your hair will be soft and bright. The expiry date of the next shampoo will be put back of many days.

Washing frost énergisant - Bottle - 200 ml - 29 € *

Universal Oligo

Tonic capillary

Synergy of Trace elements and mineral contacting more particularly the fine and demineralized hair. This lotion brings in the scalp and in hair elements necessary to their equilibrium and to their growth. Linked to Régénénorsil, it becomes very good one fixing natural brushing front.

Universal Oligo - Spray - 100 ml - 21 € *


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