Spiruline and ocean ingredients for your skin

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6 March 2012

The water from the ocean contains all mineral salts and oligoelements necessary for life. VitaOcean founded the salneotherapy because the ocean smell, the immersion of the body in its depths, its contact with the skin creates an immediate state of energy. 

Developed by a specialized marine laboratory, its lines of care are the fruit of an unique know-how, an expertise of a precious research in vitro on the natural marine substances, notably seaweeds. 

The range of products for the face from VitaOcean outlines the positive action of the spiruline, the blue seaweed, plant plankton in one thousand virtues and in numerous assets. Vitamines E and B12 stimulate the effectiveness of products on tonus, stretch, the grain of skin and favour cell texture renewal. His oligo elements (iron, magnesium, selenium) revitalise the skin, regulate the moisturizing of the epidermis and protects from the outside attacks, its enzymes (beta-carotene, chlorophyll) free struggle against radical. 

Nutritious moisturizing cream 


Enriched in spiruline and seaweed EHG Fucus that favorises moisturizing, hydratanting and nutritive cream 2 in 1, by day and by night, has nutritious and slimming properties. Oligo elements revitalize the skin and protects it from the outside attacks. The vitamin E and beta-carotene, natural antioxidizers trap free radicals. Its smooth and light texture allows optimum penetration of the skin. Light, generous and non fatty etnon, it brings comfort and definitely well being to the skin. Apply in the morning and in the evening. Assemble up to full penetration of the product. Is suitable for the normal and dry skins. Bottle 30 ml - 19.50€ 

Gel contour of the eyes 


Frost outline gel for the eyes contour allows, thanks to its applicator pen, to treat expression wrinkles for an immediate effect immediate face-lift. It traps radical free and conflict against cutaneous ageing thanks to the action of the spiruline, enriched of Algisium C which hydrates, tones, and soothes down conjunctival cloth. It reduces wrinkles, slicks fine wrinkles and prevents its appearance thanks to its wealth envitamines E. Son system airless allows a better conservation of the product and therefore of its properties. Apply in the morning and evening, several times a day if necessary. Apply and assemble the outline of eyes with the pen delicately. Is suitable for any types of skins. Applicator pen airless 35 ml - 22.50€