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Skin care tips - Wine cosmetics from Vinoble


31 August 2011

Skin care tips

Wine house Vinoble is proud to excel in wines, but also in wine cosmetics. The proof stands in its award nomination for “Best Facial Treatment” and European Health & Spa Award in 2009. It is a technique that brings grapes and its properties in the use of beauty. The grapes contain oligomeric proanthocyanidin as a great antioxidant. Grape seeds, oil, vitamin A – all create the perfect mixture for the smoothest skin around.

Here’s our pick:

Cleaning gel, Ausgleichsreinigungsgel – Vinoble Cosmetics – E34.

Dream cosmetic – a mixture of vitamin A and E, alantoin cu protectie solara – Vinoble Cosmetics – E34.

Vitalcreme deluxe – based on a Aquafill technique, it consists of vegetal ceramids, oat extract and hyaluronic acid that give a boost to your skin. Natural extracts of grapes and seeds protect the skin from sun damages. Your skin will look softer and your skin color will improve. It is a great anti age product – Vinoble Cosmetics – E140.

Reise Set is great for a relaxing vacation for you and your skin. The set has tonic lotion, serum  Sauvignon and humidity cream – an entire pack of antioxidants that will rejuvenate your skin – Vinoble Cosmetics – E99.