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17 January 2012

Skin care tips

Introducing Thermal TherapyTM a new benchmark beauty method by pioneering Body and Skin Personal Care brand Keep ImmaculateTM brings, the ‘just left the spa' feeling straight to the home for the busy woman.  A professional treatment used in Mayfair Salons, is for the first time, being made available on the high street.  

From the 24th of February - 8th March 2012 Keep Immaculate will be doing a whole 2-week launch in Fenwicks, Brent Cross and in-line with a special Mothers Day Promotion will be offering exclusive 25% discounts off products. Also, one for the diary, on Saturday 25th February between 2:00pm - 7:00pm the Keep Immaculate team will be offering free personal pampering taster sessions to the public at Fenwick, Brent Cross.

Keep Immaculate Thermal TherapyTM is a revolutionary method from the Keep Immaculate brand developed by award winner and entrepreneur Lydia Montoute. Keep Immaculate Thermal TherapyTM identifies heat and essential oils as the two core elements for a body that is pampered, cared for and feels good.

The brand has given us three exciting Impact Heat Release TechnologyTM must-have products, Glamhot Hand ExfoliatorTM, Sauna Radiance MaskTM and Grooming Pedicure FeetTM.  These ingenious products perform amazing facial, pedicure and body exfoliation results in conjunction with the All Over EssentialTM new formulation oils extracted from natural plants, vegetables and flower combinations.

The Keep Immaculate philosophy aims to pare down the beauty regime as much as possible for the woman whose appearance, wellness and convenience is number one priority. As a new day dawns, your 5 minutes of 'me-shower time' is more pleasurable, whether you need energising, nourishing, or pure indulgence.

Impact Heat Release TechnologyTM opens the pores to enhance the therapeutic beauty benefits of the nourishing All Over EssentialTM Oils that boost tone, radiance and sooth away stresses.  The portable devices work by a molecular reaction that activates and heats up in seconds, staying warm for 20 minutes and can be used time and time again.

For those seeking perfect skin or want to give a gorgeous present for a loved one; Glamhot Hand Exfoliator, Sauna Radiance Mask and Grooming Pedicure FeetTM come in three starter packs. These starter packs are great to indulge in the full Keep Immaculate Thermal TherapyTM experience, allowing you to explore the other beneficial essential oils and washes in the range.

Glamhot Hand ExfoliatorTM - STARTER KIT

This portable, hand device is perfect to smooth out imperfections, the heat factor is particularly beneficial for targeting dimpled areas, invigorating circulation, smoothing out rough patches andnourishing skin. It gives a radiant sheen to the body and is perfect for creating soft and sensual skin.

The Glamhot starter kit comes with a 25ml Olive & Jasmine Oil and 25ml wash that has a sensual, uplifting aroma designed to carefully cleanse whilst the soothing moisture works to nourish the skin for the day or night ahead. The Glamhot starter pack retails at £19.99 from Fenwicks and Bentalls.

Sauna Radiance MaskTM - STARTER KIT

Be at the forefront of facial treatments with this new revolutionary, portable mask. This will encourage a youthful, fresh glow and make skin feel soft and supple, use working on the computer at home, on the plane, in the bath and definitely before a night out!  

The Sauna Radiance MaskTM starter kit comes with a 25ml Clary Sage & Evening Primrose Oil and a 25ml wash that carries a clean herbaceous, sweet roasted scent that will encourage a clear complexion and advance fresh, young looking skin.  The kit retails at £24.99 from Fenwicks and Bentalls.

Grooming Pedicure FeetTM - STARTER PACK

This relaxing treatment is perfect for stressed, dry, or tired feet. Even if your feet are in tip-top condition this treatment will aid in de-stressing and grooming and is the perfect way to indulge if you've been on the go all-day.

The Grooming Pedicure FeetTM kit comes with a 25ml Apricot & Peppermint Oil and a 25ml wash that has a fresh, cool scent. It is rich in vitamin A and is effective in softening dry, cracked skin. The kit retails at £24.99 from Fenwicks and Bentalls.

All Over EssentialTM Oils & CLEANSER WASHES

The Keep Immaculate All Over EssentialTM Oils and cleanser wash range is an example of theincreasingly popular move to products containing pure ingredients that have a real holistic effect. The range attends to the intimate connection between healing aromas, a contemporary lifestyle and feeling good. 

These products can be used from hair to toe and carry their own unique sensation and benefits. They are formulated and extracted from natural plant, vegetable and flower combinations and include a unique alliance of ingredients new to the market.  The combinations include: Avocado & Carrot Seed, Olive & Jasmine, Clary Sage & Evening Primrose and Apricot & Peppermint. The benefits include anti-ageing, balancing, detoxifying and beauty.

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