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Skin care tips - Golden olive oil


Skin care tips - golden oil

When one grows through elite standards, one cannot define himself but within luxurious products like the Golden Olive Oil. This one is a limited edition of a highly awarded extra virgin oil made from Croatia and represent the greatest skin care tip for this season.

What Golden Olive Oil contains:

This Golden Olive Oil containe 24- karat gold flakes and is made from extra virgin oil from Croatian Isle of Hvar. Its flavour mixes bitterness and peppery taste with almond, tomato and dried fruits aroma. There are made only 444 pieces for sell and everyone who buys it gets a special card with lots of privileges with it like visiting the olive grove from Hvar Isle.

How it is made the Golden Olive Oil:

All the items that were used in making the special oil were handmade by 12 croatian craftsmen. They, also, prepared the elite bottle and luxurious black laquered wooden  box enrobed in a velvet pouch. One single entire box takes almost 120 hours to be done. One bottle costs  $830.

As the creators of Golden Olive Oil say „once you taste the oil and feel the sense of joy coming from its every drop, you will understand why we choose to make the Golden Olive Oil.”


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