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Skin care tips - Fish skin or orange skin? Anti cellulite solutions

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24 January 2013

Skin care tips 

Interview of Elizabeth Winterot, expert Dove Skin Care 

The cellulitis, also called «orange skin» is mostly a touching subject for women. The men are appreciably less concerned, their problem zone seldom being just around the belt. The cellulitis is a bodily and natural phenomenon which touches the women in a more or less marked way.

The cellulitis is often a genetic affair. On the other hand, it is possible to influence its appearance via its feeding and its sports activity. The number of fatty cells also has its role to be played, and from young ages, for example at the girls in overweight or those whose conjunctive cloth is weaker. 

beautypress: Under what forms the cellulitis manifests itself?

Elizabeth Winterot: 3 ranks are differentiated. To measure them, not need of sophisticated apparatus: the skin of a said zone «in problem» is pinched and it is then possible to notify on the installed type of cellulitis.

Rank 1: " Light Cellulitis"

The skin seems smooth and uniform. By pinching it, they receive at the risk of irregularities.

Rank 2: " Medium Cellulitis"

On zones with problems, irregularities are visible when the body is in movement, notably at the level of legs.

Rank 3: " Marked Cellulitis"

The celllulite is visible from a distance, without pinching the skin and even by being immobile.

beautypress: what can be done in order to prevent cellulitis?

Elizabeth Winterot: It isn't still sure 100 % that the cellulitis could be foretold. Fortunately, effects proved sports and a balanced feeding, as well as a regular and sufficient moisturising (drink some water, hydrate the skin via creams) aren't any more to show.

beautypress: How is it possible to fight the cellulitis?

Elizabeth Winterot: A healthy feeding is at the root of any effort: they prevent the fatty cells to proliferate or to relax. Sports are also essential, especially directed exercises. Beauty product can also support you in your battle anti-cellulitis: to assemble zones with problems with adapted products can be only advantageous for the silhouette (lotion, oil).

beautypress: What types of cosmetic intervention can you recommend?

Elizabeth Winterot: Reasons as which we have the cellulitis go beyond assistant that beauty product can bring us. What explains that this one can't eradicate it properly speaking. One beauty product adapted to these zones is of course ideal, but the basics remain moisturising: the skin is bright, in good health and especially strongly.

beautypress: On what ingredients especially is it necessary to centre our priorities in purchase?

Elizabeth Winterot: Expressions based on white tea are rich in antioxidizers. In certain quantity, these antioxidizers help to tone the skin and improve its elasticity. Oils also are to favour because they allow a movement of pleased massage deeper and more supported, what intensifies action anti-cellulitis.

beautypress: Is the cellulitis dangerous?

Elizabeth Winterot: The cellulitis isn't absolutely dangerous. For most the women, problem is rather aesthetic more than psychical. It is important to fight problem from the first signs of appearance and not to let the cellulitis become established.