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Skin care tips - Anti age care La Prairie

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10 September 2011

Skin care tips - Caviar Collection

With the beggining in 1987, the Caviar Collection contains ten products till today. It represents the unic association of the ultimate luxury and the scientific top researches which define La Prairie. All contain precious Extracts of Caviare – acquired to a highly sophisticated internal technique and specifically adapted to every use with nutritious and tonic properties.

Complex Toning In the Extracts Of Caviare
This complex links marine technologies, phyto-system and biotechnologies in the middle of advanced expression, which brings the most efficient of tonic actions.
Complex Toning In the Extracts Of Caviare Meadow - Pomp 30 ml - 114 €*

Cream Caviare Luxe Face
This cream is purely and simply the most luxurious and the most competitive in the world, rich in an association without the similar of tonic, nutritious actions.
Cream Caviare Dislocates Face Meadow - Pot 50 ml, 348 €* - Pot 100 ml, 634 €*

Cream Caviare Luxe Liftante Pour Eyes
This multiactive care opens a new way in the eyes care. It uses a selection of technologies which act in perfect synergy with anti aging elements recognizing the seven signs of ageing at the zone of the outline of the eye: fine wrinkles, wrinkles, loss of firmness, loss of stretch (slackening), pockets, rings and dryness.
Cream Caviare Dislocates Liftante Pour Eyes Meadow - Pot 20 ml - 262 €*

Emulsion Caviare Dislocates Body
This emulsion luxuriously rich and fluid fills up the body of pleasure while toning it and by hydrating it.
Emulsion Caviare Dislocates Body Meadow - Pomp 200 ml - 172 €*

Essence Cristalline Dermo Caviare
Apply to your skin the ultimate luxury of diamonds and caviare cream with this extraordinary regenerating serum and rich in nutriments which contributes to restore this firm and bright complexion of your youth which you thought lost for ever.
Essence Cristalline Dermo Caviare Meadow - Pipette 30 ml - 348 €*

Dermo Caviare
An unique care in two stages. Protective, nutritious and revitalizing agents of natural origin, all in well brought up concentration, are encapsulés in microscopic « pearls of caviare », themselves submerged in an ocean by régénérantes substances.
Dermo Caviare Meadow - Pot 50 g - 158 €*