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Skin Care and Russian Esthetics


30 April 2020

Makka is an esthetician who brought the science of beauty learned in Russia to French territory. A lot of passion around an aesthetic with specialized care on good skin health. Makka can be found on her cabinet in Cannes with all her expertise.

The love story with cosmetology, with aesthetics

I have loved cosmetology a lot since I was young. I was a very good customer of a well-known cosmetologist in Moscow who said something to me that surprised me. She told me that I could be the best beautician because I had the necessary education. I wanted to be a doctor at the time, and that was very strange for me to tell me, because I never thought about that. I became an emergency doctor in Chechnya. At the same time, I really liked the aesthetics, make-up, care, but more personally.One day my life changed and I went to France. A very good friend asked me to become an esthetician. A second time it was offered to me. And I said to myself that I can do it. I started with an internship in Grasse. I enrolled in the school of aesthetics where I passed the second year in Rouen. I remember that I was preparing my exams on the train and I succeeded with compliments.

Today I'm in Cannes.

A woman's face is her passport

A woman's face is her passport. You have to start early, from the age of 14 to take care of your skin.For me it's very important to cleanse the skin properly. Without cleaning, it does not work nor the peeling, nor any sting or treatment. It must be done in stages, with good preparation even for cleaning. There are also masks for different skin types. There are masks at the moment, for the evenings. There is the gold mask with good results, the Japanese masks, good for acne, anti aging.I work a lot with dermabrasion because without it, it doesn't work either the jet or any other device. The jet peel is done as a cure like all devices. We can mix the machines. When the cures are finished, you can repeat once a month or once every two months, a prestige treatment, a complete treatment.

The future of cosmetology

I like the natural side and I prefer care without injections. With care once a month. It's important to have a good balanced diet without sugar. If you're inside, it shows on your face. With all that I have learned and the Master, I will start to share with other beauticians in France. 


Makka Esthetique - 7 rue Teisseire, Cannes