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Six expositions on Fashion at Métropolitain Museums in Rouen

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1 November 2018

From romantic 19th  dandies century to Paco Rabanne's metal creations, from rare Coptic textiles to precious Oceania jewelery, to exuberant Normandy printed cotton goods, the fashion is invited in the collections of six museums of the metropolis of Rouen: free exhibitions for all audiences!

Fabrics, costumes, dresses, jewelery and many other exceptional creations are here in the spotlight

Gathered under the same program "Le Temps des Collections", the six exhibitions presented concomitantly for six months in six museums in Rouen offer free access to visitors to an unprecedented journey around fashion and textiles. Fabrics, costumes, dresses, jewelery and many other exceptional creations are here in the spotlight.

These exhibitions wish to highlight the specificities of clothing at emblematic periods in history; from antiquity to contemporary times, through the Middle Ages and modern times. This event, the seventh of the program launched in 2012 at the Museum of Fine Arts in Rouen, is one of the first initiatives in France to put permanent collections at the heart of museum programming. Each time it is a question of revealing the richness and the variety of the public collections, to reveal the back of the scenery and the mystery of the reserves and to encourage the redécouvertes by opening the museums to new glances.

In the program :

- MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS: "Elegant and romantic dandies"

Featuring a rich iconography of portraits, miniatures and fashion engravings, this 1820-1840 fashion show will focus on costumes, bags, fans, jewelery and other accessories to showcase this exuberant period of fashion history. Under the auspices of tutelary figures like Balzac or Barbey d'Aurevilly, the visitor will meet the "fashionables" (ancestors of fashion victims).

- THE SECQ DES TOURNELLES MUSEUM: "Paco Rabanne, metallurgist of fashion"

The Secq des Tournelles Museum, dedicated to the art of ironwork, returns to the metal creations of Paco Rabanne who revolutionized fashion in the 1960s. Based on archival documents, videos, magazines and, of course, on original pieces, this exhibition will highlight the couturier's innovative work.

- CERAMIC MUSEUM: "Did you say Jewelery?"

Oceania ornaments, 18th century necklaces and chatelaines, Merovingian fibulae, New Guinea amulets, Gallo-Roman treasures, traditional Norman jewels ... This exhibition of pieces from RMM's museum collections raises questions about the place of jewelery and adornment in human societies, emphasizing their symbolic, social and sentimental values.

- MUSEUM OF ANTIQUES: "Beautiful Egyptians ..."

The Museum of Antiquities presents its rich collection of Coptic textiles - extraordinary pieces ranging from clothing to funerary fabrics - rarely exhibited for conservation reasons.

- THE FACTORY OF KNOWLEDGE: "Wool sheet, from the useful to the sublime"

This exhibition proposes to discover the links woven between the productions of Elbeuf - a Norman town known since the Middle Ages for its woolen sheets - and fashion. Archival documents and textile samples are set against models signed by the greatest creators: Lanvin, Hermes, Dior, Courrège ...

- INDUSTRIAL MUSEUM OF CORDING VALOIS: "Printed cotton fabric made in Normandy"

This exhibition proposes to trace the history of printed cotton fabrics produced in Normandy and addresses both the technical evolutions of the Indianization and the stylistic evolutions of the motifs to the creations of today.