Simone Chap, the designer with a futuristic vision and clean aesthetic

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12 October 2016

I have rediscovered the power of black with the designer Simone Chap, a young force with an Italian soul and a contemporary urge. The designer is an artistic spirit who loves creativity and wants to use it in every corner of his life. He works in his small tailoring studio with a futuristic vision in mind and a clean aesthetic.

AO: Simone Chap, please let our readers know more about who Simone Chap is, through your own « lenses » ...

Well, it's quite difficult to describe myself. I guess I am just someone who has always been fascinated by many of the forms of art, and who tried to "create" art in many ways, and fashion is one of those.

AO: How was the creative vision created during time and who were the top influencers ?

 I have always been sick of those "designers" who are just putting their logo or a lame random print on a plain basic t-shirt, trying so hard to justify unjustifiable prices. I like to be simple, but that doesn't mean to be basic, actually sometimes that's exactly the opposite. Also, as I have been always working in "avantgarde" environments, (first with Iris van Herpen and then with Rick Owens), I am putting all my effort to overcome their influence, without repudiate it totally.

AO:  If you were to choose to be for one day an important international designer, who would you be and what would you do ?

 I don't really would like to be someone else, but if I was forced to, I would like to be Sarah Burton just to bring back McQueen to the place it belongs to, as now it looks to me as the bad copy of Valentino.

AO: What is your style in life and in design ?

I cannot stand traditions or anything that can be considered traditionals. As I would hate to participate in a religious ceremony, I hate those boring italian flower-printed dresses. How can people not being tired of seeing the same things on the runways since 50 years now?

AO:  Tell us more about your collection Dark Matter ? Why black all over, why minimalism ? What do these elements mean to you ?

The Dark Matter collection takes inspiration from the invisible forces that are ruling the universe, such as the Dark Matter and the Dark Energy, and I choosed the black to highlight the shapes and the cuts, so that the final result could look sharp and clean. I didn't want colors to distract the observer from the lines and the textures.

AO: Whose steps would you follow in order to get more inspiration and learn more ? Where would you find your muse?

I don't like to force the inspiration. I prefer when it comes naturally, when you don't have to look for it, and luckily it can come in any moment! It can be a line, a landscape or even a sound!

AO: The futur sounds « brighter » or « darker », in the terms of the new collection's style and name ? Will you preserve the same features, will you change your vision, bring something else to it ?

I have already some plans for the future collections, but I can ensure you that there will be space for more colors and for more type of clothing. My vision will evolve and hopefully expand.

AO: One word to describe you and one word that motivates you ...

Probably the word "stubborn" fits me the best. I don't really get motivated by a specific word, but I find motivation to succeed when usually I see that someone doesn't believe in me. That is really the moment that I want to prove that they're wrong!

AO: For the young generations to come : how can a young designer succeed in the world of fashion ?

You have to really know what you want. You have to find out what it needs to get what you want and then you have to work super-hard to get it. You can't find a job? Apply everyday for new jobs, send your CV to new companies, and in the spare time work on your portfolio, expand it and make it more appealing! If you really want it, you will never give up!

Editor Andra Oprea