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Selfie with Miss France to win a cruise

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22 June 2015

Thanks to the partnership, France Cruises launches the big selfie contest with Miss France on Facebook for the cruise people and travel agents!

From June 19 to August 31, 2015 Cruise France launches throughout France a major competition called Selfie Miss France on Facebook for your chance to win a cruise with the favourite Miss France!

A simple principle open to all: 1 selfie to try to win a cruise!

To play and to board on Cruise France, participants are invited to come to a travel agency to take a selfie with the POS card portrait of Camille Cerf, Miss France 2015 before sharing then on the "Fan Page" of the company, accessible from the Facebook page Cruises France.

Phase 1: The contest started on June 19 and runs until July 31, 2015. In the meantime, customers go to travel agencies and take selfie with Camille Cerf, in portrait and post their photo on the Facebook fanpage dedicated, indicating the agency in which the selfie was taken, then they share the selfie to get the most votes. As with the regional elections of Miss France contest, 1 photo per region will be selected based on the highest number of votes (22 regions in mainland France) and will participate in the national vote.

Phase 2: 1 to 31 August 2015 each region is represented by participant with the most votes in phase 1, to win the cruise, participants must obtain the most possible votes on their selfie. The selfie who receives the most votes during that period will be awarded the 1st prize, the second selfie with the most votes, the 2nd prize.

Agencies in which these two pictures have been taken, will be even the same cruise as the winner. The 2 winners will board one of Miss France Cruises, along with the newly elected Miss France 2016, Camille Cerf Miss France 2015, Sylvie Teiller, General Director of the Company Miss France and several regional Miss:

- 1st prize: 1 © Miss France cruise to the Caribbean for 2 persons (starting January 9, 2016)

- 2nd prize: 1 Miss France © cruise in the Mediterranean for 2 (starting 25 June 2016)

- The travel agency in which the winner was made selfie win the same lot.

The announcement of the results for the travel agencies will be in September on thee stand Cruise France, during the fair Top Resa in the presence of Camille Cerf, Miss France 2015.

The list of participating travel agencies throughout France is available on Facebook page from June 19.