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Satu Maaranen wins the big prize for the 2013 Hyères Festival

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29 April 2013

The 2013 Hyères Festival was this weekend the place to be for all fashion addicts, future designers, journalists, bloggers. Founded by Jean Pierre Blanc with the vision of discovering new talents in design and photography, the Festival was chaired this year by Felipe Oliveira Baptista, artistic director of Lacoste.

The big prize for this 28th edition was awarded to the Finnish designer Satu Maaranen for her women collection called Garment in Landscape. She won also a 15000 euro donation. Licensed with the diploma of Aalto University of Art and Design, the 29 years old designer convinced the jury of her talent.

Inspired by the Land Art and military camouflage clothing, her collection puts nature on a priority place, to plunge into its energy and feel its vibes. There could be seen clothes covered by herbs or sand, a fantastic mixture with nature.

Also, the Switzerland designer, Camile Kunz won the award Chloé. The public and villa Hyères chose the simplicity of the chinese Shanshan Ruan while in Paris, Tokyo Palace awarded the sophisticated Yvonne Poei-Yie Kwok coming from Holland.