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Sarah Jessica Parker can choose your jewelry

fashion & styletrends

17 January 2014

In a world where innovation is always on a stir, the fashion comes with a new platform that mixes altogether celebrity and fine jewelry.

On an idea of Tim McElwee and Cyia Batten, the project WeTheAdorned wants to be different. The project is, in fact, an e-commerce website based on a free subscription where members can see fine jewelry suggested by great celebrities name. And, one of the curators is the fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker. A sure marketing buzz, isn't it?

Luxurious jewelry shopping

"The premise of WeTheAdorned is to do away with the typical discount model and provide consumers with something they really want: an in-season, luxurious shopping experience for exclusive jewelry made by designers they know, trust and love.", declared the co-founder, Tim McElwee. 

We say pick Sarah Jessica Parker and the success is guaranteed. First, for your curiosity and then for her intuitive style!

Editor Andra Oprea