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Sacai, YSL, Balenciaga, Nina Ricci Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012


13 March 2012

The hairdresser studio Redken, Paulo Guido has come with surprises Parisian Fashion Week with his creation of 2 styles, simple and modern, very natural, during parades Balenciaga and Nina Ricci. For Balenciaga, the stripe is apparently carried on the side. The wish of the creator Nicolas Ghesquière was to represent " a total modern woman", on whom the very structured collection threw devolved sound, a woman who likes to get dressed to go to work. At Nina Ricci, Guido knew how to find the romantic and vintage hairstyle who would put the female collection and "Charming" in great place.


"Our inspiration comes from the girls themselves. We began by cutting their hair so that they stop before the chest, then we made sure that the fringe falls and veils a part of the look. We wanted natural, bright hair and with light waves. In finale, it is a very modern look which they acquire. They are always in trend, while our natural has the own potential. "

– Guido, hairdresser


" Structure is natural with a stripe on the side. I cleared the face by leaving wisps behind ears. This stripe brings a lot in the look, which gives him a cool and female air. "

– Guido, procession hairdresser

Paris, March 5th, 2012


" For this look, I wished a lightly naïve girl, who would never have cut her hair auparavent. All girls accepted extensions, so that I can work length and stand in a queue of horse there tousled - innocent, but not too much. They acquire an innocent and dark look at the same time, a bit neo ghotique. "

– Guido, procession hairdresser


"Look YSL let float the world Helmet Newton, smart and futuristic. I see the models as agents of the glamour. "

– Guido, procession hairdresser