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Runway trends Paris Spring Summer 2013

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5 October 2012


So much contrasts during this parade! Face of party girl, linked to the strict cuts and business for the future businesswoman Dior? Yellow, green, orange, blue eye-shadows bowls with facets came to make crackle looks, such of eccentric sisters facing haircuts (hair brought back rear way foots the bill and in ponytails low and flawless). 


Hairstyle and make-up took back the tone of the collection without hesitancy: relaxed, with dropped hair and non-making-up. Length comes rigid and bright, stripe in the middle, for a definite and net, clear look which cuts however with more flare forms of parade. 


If making-up was casi nude, in the tonalities of peach and rosé, " low " earmuffs of parade showed originality, supporting in place length brought back modestly by two hair slides behind the head. 


Some offhand wicks, the dropped hair, a stripe on the side easily incoherent, as if to soften up cuts structured by this big home of sewing. Make-up consists in moderation of a black feature inside the eye, and effect "cast" by this black feature gives all authenticity and natural to look. 


The chignon banana makes an out of the shower effect, black feature inside and above the eye, and belt loop slightly (there still), the woman Nina Ricci is a wife of the morning and of the evening.


For those who like the volume in roots pass their way! Look is wise, cool and young, and roots were literally plated on the top of the head. 


This beauty look is going to break many women: cool, efficient and female, and especially, adapted to "true life". Stripe on the side and length brought back in a low ponytail, red pesto mouth and cheekbones apricot.