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Round Hill Bay

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31 August 2011


Round Hill is the name for one of the most exclusivist location on earth. I don’t want to make a large introduction, I want to start deep just with some of its recognitions:

·         Top 10 classic hotels in the world

·         Top 25 Caribbean resorts

·         Virtuoso Select Property since 1996

·         Member of Amex Finest Hotels & Resorts

I can say that names from Clark Gable, Bob Hope to JFK to Ralph Lauren come many times and enjoy a relaxing vacation here.

Its history goes back to 1953 when Round Hill was conceived by a well known Jamaican entrepreneur named John Pringle. The 100-acre peninsula was part of Lord Monson’s huge Round Hill Estate which was first a sugar plantation, then coconuts, pimento and allspice. John Pringle’s idea was that of exclusivity and creation of a hotel among the richest. This way, he started by offering to those who purchased a cottage a share in hotel profits and this way to create an unique resort. Among the rich people who bought cottages we may find Adele Astaire, Viscount and Viscountess Rothermere, Lord and Lady Ednam etc.

From the Jamaican charm and isle landscape, Round Hill stands for luxury and private relaxation by the ocean – great rooms with great view and lots of fun and activities for the entire family.

Source: http://www.roundhill.com