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Rivini Wedding dresses trends for Spring 2015

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2 June 2014

What Selfie has got to do with a bridal collection? Well, for the imaginative mind of Rita Viniers it has to do with the theme of her new fashion collection show.

In an era of Selfies, the pure old times seem to fade away. To bring back a little from this charming times, the designer Rita Viniers thought of a fashion show inspired by the old procedure photography: creating photography without the use of camera in a negative shadow effect.

So, all the glamour was in a sort of a shadowed light letting the mystery and feminine lines take pictures for themselves. At the end of the show, in a sort of ironic move, the models stopped taking selfies of themselves. 

Bridal collection in 3D beadwork

The bridal collection is all about embroidery, 3D beadwork technique, tulle, chiffon, organza, leather. It has pure lines, very elegant, simple sparkling - just as a bride should look like on her wedding day! Perfect collection!

Editor Andra Oprea

Photos by John Aquino