• Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images 

Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images 

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Rita Ora Launches New adidas Originals Collection

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15 February 2016

Rita Ora met by tears of joy as lucky fan gets given special adidas Kimono at adidas Originals store in Dubai Mall for the launch of the global icon's new clothing range 

Music sensation and style icon Rita Ora brought local fans to a frenzy and tears of joy today as the star launched her brand new collection for adidas Originals. Ahead of headlining the UAE's RedFestDXB festival, the star also made a whirlwind visit to the adidas Originals store in Dubai Mall to meet lucky competition winners and fans. Speaking at the launch of her new collection for adidas Originals, Rita Ora said: "adidas has been my family for four years now. Every year I drop stories with them - it's not just a collection, every drop has its own story and theme. This season, it's all about Asia. I was in Asia a couple of years ago and I became obsessed with everything there - the fashion, the culture, the landscapes, their values even the animals and wildlife. So I've brought that inspiration into this latest collection.

The design process starts at least two seasons ahead so I'm super excited to see this collection finally in stores!" On being in Dubai, she added: "I last came here around four years ago and I love this place. It has a great energy around it and I love meeting my fans here. I opened up for RedFestDXB festival two years ago and to now come back to headline alongside the launch of my latest adidas Originals collection is really special." It was also very special for some lucky UAE fans who got to meet their idol in the adidas Originals store including Bethany Starr who was moved to tears by the occasion. The seventeen years old student from Dubai was left speechless as Rita gave her newly designed adidas Kimono that she had been wearing in-store.

Speaking afterwards star struck Rita Ora fan Bethany Starr said: "It can't believe it! To meet Rita was a dream come true. I'm such a big fan. I grew up in Dubai and saw her when she last came to Redfest. I was at the very front. She's an inspiration to me. I've always listened to her music and love her adidas collections. I can't believe she gave me her own actual adidas Kimono she was wearing! I love her even more now and will always treasure this. Thank-you Rita and adidas!"

Rita spent time with media and the region's leading fashion influencers to officially launch her new collection to the region, which has been inspired by the Asian Arena and the mythical allure of the Japanese geisha. The design elements of the new range incorporate the willow of the east, known for strength, subtlety and grace. The new collection is now available across adidas stores and online.