• Robert Doisneau, Kiss by the Hotel de Ville,1950 © Estate of Robert Doisneau 

Robert Doisneau, Kiss by the Hotel de Ville,1950 © Estate of Robert Doisneau 

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Relationships, same lines same script

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27 August 2013

Relationships nowadays...or the other days! Same lines, same script. Sparkles, light in the eyes, red on the lips and butterflies in the stomach. It's done, the chemistry is there!

And it starts: great messages, nice polite words. It starts with "Hello" finishes with "Have a nice day". After this, it comes the invitations, the go out, the encounter, the live face to face breathing and smiling and eye contacting.  Then, it comes the rest of the contacts - ear contacts, hands contacts, breast contacts etc.

The boys with the words, the girls with the fantasy:

The boy comes with the promisses, the girl with the fantasy. All perfect till the boy forgets of his long lasting desire relationship and begins to bluffer. And the girl, like any other girl, little and emotional in her tiny world of thoughts, remains with what's left: nothing. A kiss, an eye or body contact maybe, but poor little creature, she sees her fairy tale charm dissapear. Or viceversa. (the boy in his tiny world gets to see no girl's charm in his).

We're all in the same"ocean" but not in the same "gang":

So, the romance is gone. And all the girls want romance, words, flowers. Really? Hehe, not all of them! But is not for every masculine jewel to see that. It is only the still childish masculine fools to believe that; the more mature man doesn't have time to repeat over and over again the same lines, the same script. In the end, we are all the same with only one thing to keep in mind: we are all in the same "ocean", not in the same "gang". (to put it more philosophically for those who need it: people have different levels of energies and some can create unique relations with others).

The rush for more lines, more scripts gets to loneliness:

There is not an age for the same lines, same script; it happens the same thing at any level, at any age. Boring! The expectations for some smart women are the same. Some of them really take this with lots of fun (which is not seen by the male hungered for fun and flesh) and test it to see the endurance of the script. But, being so identically with all the other scripts, you get bored. Nothing original, nothing attiring, nothing to be impressed!  For some men, is the same! Some, though, being in a rush of having more lines, more scripts, lose some great chances and opportunities of finding the right energies. And, to find it, you have to have either a real good intuition or to have some time to spend and get to know those vibes. But, many of them just get blinded by the rush. In the end, this type of men lead a lonely life and end up being single.

Don't be an imitating sheep!

So, are there more than identical lines and scripts, are there more people tending to open their hearts to more valuable relationships or are all doomed to superficiality? Indeed, you need to have some extra qualities to avoid the same lines, the same script, but I do not lose hope that there is more than imitating sheeps in the world!

Editor Andra Oprea