• Lydia Courteille - Amazonia Painting

  • Tanya Baxter 


Lydia Courteille - Amazonia Painting

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Refinement, luxury and creativity at Art Monaco 2014

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25 April 2014

Refinement, luxury and, most of all, creativity! This is how Art Monaco 2014 can be described in three words. Beyond that, Art Monaco is an event that gathers in one place the art elite around the world, artists with visions, enflamed spirits by the desire of remaining immortals through their works. And, many of them are worthy the immortality!

The fifth edition of Art Monaco that takes place at Grimaldi Forum showcases contemporary and modern art in a luxurious and glamorous style. For four days, the art will conquer the hearts of all the visitors. More than 70 international galleries with over 4000 exhibits are the warrants of great inspiration.

Under the presence of SAR la Princesse Marie Gabrielle de Savoie , T.R.H. Prince and Princess Charles of Bourbon of the Two Sicilies, Madame la Baronne Danièle Courcelle von Prohaska, Baron et Baronne renald de Meester de Betzenbroeck, the event is sure to have the right elite strength by its side turning into an encounter of delight for the rich and famous. With Johnessco Rodriguez from Opus Eventi as the President of the event, this new edition showcases outstanding artworks like that of the photographer Kristian Schmidt with his impressive whale sharks images, extravagant Mauricio Velez's shocking yet interesting collection of Demons and Angels (Columbia), Jerzy Kedziora's unique balancing sculptures (Poland), Pavel Mitkov's beautiful religious icon paintings (Russia), which have found home in private collections of personalities such as Vladimir Putin and The Pope Jean Paul II, Hatarina Hallback Monnnier's colorful and exotic paintings (United Kingdom), Hakobyan Hrachia's lively artwork (Armenia), Anzel Muriel's rich oil paintings (Russia, Belgium), Flory Menezes' mystifying sculptures (Brazil), Carlo Aloe's complex and intriguing art work, and many more.

I was, definitely, conquered by Tanya Baxter oil on canvas painting of a girl with her tongue pulled out from her mouth: a 250x300 cm mix of innocence and mysterious thoughts in a style that is both posh and alluring, with fine clear lines, simple yet captivating colors and vision. 

Lydia Courteille`s jewelry is another artist who captured my soul with the dreamy and exotic style of her works. The collection Amazonia is a surrealist voyage to unknown lands of hypnotising and misty greens. She combines jewelry and art, bringing a new sense of what jewelry may symbolise in a classical way. 

For a little more glitz and glam, the artist Jonathan Loubens creates The Egg, but not an ordinary egg. He creates the luxury two egg models (golden and red) used as a magnificent luxurious piece of decoration. They are unique exquisite luxury pieces that can be used as decoration or luxury chairs in different spaces. 

The event is also open for art collectioners to purchase artworks. A special Gala Dinner will be held on Saturday the 26th at the Hotel de Paris, where part of the proceeds are for the benefit of La Association "Les amis du Liban à Monaco", as well as L'Association d'art, de la Culture et de la scène «A.M.A.C.S.».At Art Monaco, every piece of art presented at the event has a story to tell. I invite you to penetrate a world of art, glamour, luxury and creativity that will capture not only your eyes, but also your soul. 

Editor Andra Oprea