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Red Carpet Celebrity Beauty Secrets

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20 February 2015

Oscar time is approaching and the Red Carpet is the place to look at your best. All the eyes are on the celebritie walking the red lane towards the Awards. But, each celebrity knows their way to beauty and shinny looks. Let us tell you some of their secrets and beauty habits to look fabulous on the Red Carpet!

"Everyone is judging you with a microscope-literally judging you-and voting on you," says Cassandra Grey, founder of the Hollywood-based beauty brand, Violet Grey. "It's a lot of pressure. Anything that will help you feel stronger in terms of confidence is a good idea." 

Let's start then with the face, the most important part in the eyes of the flashing machines. 

Botox is the word of the day for the Red Carpets. It needs good preparations weeks before the event. Botox takes two weeks to work and the fillers about one week. The cost for this starts from 2000 euros up to 4000.

There is also the laser treatment that leaves a pale pink glow by stimulating the collagen. It can be done twice a month and the price for one session starts at 500 euros. Jessica Alba is using a acid peel treatment followed by LED light therapy for the skin glow. The cost for this is 300 euros. 

Everything on the face must be perfect. The brows can be let in the care of Anastasia Beverly Hills brand which perfectly creates brows that are harmonious with your face lines. The perfect arch cost about 125 euros.

Also, eyelashes extensions come as a must. Very well-known among celebrities is Lôngmi Lashes, founded by Vietnamese identical twins, found also in Beverly Hills. The cost for this is about 330 euros.

Definitely, your smile needs the best lips care using a moisturiser daily and white teeth. Many celebs are going to see a dentist and the one Kim Kardashian visits is very well known in the US. He will charge about 2500 euros per each tooth using porcelain veneers. 

Let's get to the hair! The best beauty treatment for the hair before the Red Carpet is the glowing one. The hair must be shinning and glamorous. Gloss and highlights are the words for this.

Another important aspect of celebs beauty is the underarm area. Well shaved and with some botox injections ... there is no more sweat at all.  Just 2000 euros to get underarm dry. And again laser for the hair removal on the face and body.

The Hands get a laser treatment to fill the lines and heal the spots just like a Photoshop technique. And, of course the nails must get into art! 

Losing weight is the major celebrity problem. Different techniques and diets are making celebrities food diet maniacs. Many celebs use Cool Sculpting for a perfect gown fit. It is a laser treatment that freezes fat. It needs two treatments in two months for a cost of 850 euros per treatment. Of course, there are also other fit programs that celebs indulge in just to be perfect on the Red Carpet.

Well, ladies, it is a lot of work to look your best on the Red Carpet! And all the glitter has experts behind them. Still, charm passes through the lenses, that is for sure! 

Editor Andra Oprea