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Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2013


The elite of the high level dive will be again at the La Rochelle, the next 24 and May 25 to dispute the first stage of the RED BULL CLIFF DIVING WORLD SERIES 2013.

Within the Old Harbour that makes it possible to the public to be in the middle of the event, the most tested plungers of the planet will launch themselves for the 4th time from the top of the Saint Nicolas's Day tower. 14 exceptional athletes, representing 10 countries, will battle for this 5th edition which, with not less than 8 stages from 4 corners of the world.

Increasingly high level of technicality, new places, first female test… Each stage will be the theatre of the most vertiginous figures in spots increasingly more mythical.

TOP 3 AND THE SMALL NEW ONES: The English Gary Hunt is the main favorite but will be very difficult to defend his title.

If its challenger n°1 should again be called Orlando Duque (9 times champion of the world), the recent qualifications in Australia saw hatching young talents like the Mexican Jonathan Paredes and the English Matt Cowen. Blake Aldrige (ANG) and Michal Navratil (CZE), returns for the 2nd consecutive year, are also ready to battle.

The French Cyrille Oumedjkane and Hassan Mouti did not succeed in qualifying themselves for the round but will profit from 3 wild cards. They will be the two present on the hexagonal stage.


The RED BULL CLIFF DIVING WORLD SERIES will put at the catches the largest specialists in this discipline which counts only one hand of practicers in the world.

Face or back with the vacuum, upright or presses some on the hands… each detail revêt a cardinal importance.

With 27 meters, a false step is expensive. Launched at 85 to 100 km/h after having jumped of a height equivalent to a building of 8 floors, the plungers will have only 3 seconds of free fall to carry out their figures and to ensure an arrival in water without danger.

The specialists in this technical and demanding discipline are not kamikazes. Without protection, concentration, technicality and control of the body are imperative.


The best plungers of the planet will spend one year to furrow the world. For this 5th season, the RED BULL CLIFF DIVING WORLD SERIES will make you discover new spots, increasingly more incredible.

The quoted harbour of the La Rochelle opens the ball. The round will continue this summer in Europe, with a stage in Denmark then in Portugal and finally in Italy, where for the 1st time a female stage will be with the program. At the end of August, the plungers will fly away for the United States then will gain England at the beginning of September before a first Brazilian edition. The great final will proceed for the first time in Thailand with a new spot of choice and amazing landscapes to enclose this competition out of the commun run.